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Sh**ting Myself

Hi Folks,

30 year old guy just finished my 8th week on SS - no cheating, havent found it a problem at all, actually quite enjoying it!

Dropped from 19.10 to 16.3 - just bought my first batch of new clothes - nearly had to mortgage my house - but hey ho.

Problem is.....am going abroad next week with the family for a wedding in which i am going to have to eat etc.

I think ive found the diet so easy because its complete abstinence, NO FOOD = NO PROBLEM (for me), Im nervous though that A LITTLE FOOD = will be a HUGE problem for me.

What do I do.
Try and stick to SS adding meals when I have to?
Go bonkers, eat whatever, come back and SS it all away?
Is there some middle ground?

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How about going high up in the plan ie 810 or 1000 whilst u are away xxx
Hi and congratulations on your weightloss so far. I faced the same predicament as you and it really boils down to how much being slim means to you compared to eating and drinking alcohol.
I did 7 weeks sole source but knew that my sons wedding (last Monday) I was going to take the day off. Well with CD you cannot just take the 'day off' if you want alcohol. The body cannot deal with it and can lead to very serious consequences. I followed the expert advice I was given:
Wed, Thurs, Fri SS+
Sat, 800 cals (from CD book)
Sun 1000 cals " "
Monday ate & drank what I wanted
Tues SS+

Had my weigh in today, fully realising I would have gained some weight, perhaps not from the food but from regaining fluid. My CDC said it could be as much as 4lbs. Therefore, how pleased was I to discover only a 2lb gain. Today and for the next 8 weeks I'll be on SS to get to my target and this'll seem SUCH a small blip.
Good Luck with whatever you decide to do.
Everything in moderation. Stick to Low Carb if you can which will keep water retention and bloating down and have shakes where you can and then eat sensibly the rest of the time.

Try not to have too much alcohol as it dehydrates, leading to water retention and other than that - enjoy yourself!

Not all foods are bad - it's just when we have a LOT of all foods that it's bad!
don't go bonkers and eat everything in site.I would really try to ss and hope that people don't notice.
I went to a ball and didn't really eat moved food about,ate a little chicken.People don't actually notice.
Its like a friend I know was pregnant(didn't want to tell people) and had 4 nights out where she was supposedly drinking(but didn't)and no one noticed!

I think many people who have had time off for holidays etc.will tell you they really struggled to get back into SS...especially as you have been finding it straightforward
I go to cuba in six weeks.. all inclusive.

I'm gonna stick to meet and vegtables with the occasional treat, because it's a holiday! life can't always be regimented..

Does where your going have a gym/pool? Mine does.. I'm gonna swim and use the gym every morning to try and balance the naughties out!
welcome to minimins, congrats on your loss so far. dont think i would go mad try and stick to good things like chicken veg etc. im of on holiday in a few weeks im gonna do 1000 cal the week before i go and going to try and be good:)
thanks everyone talk about a rapid response service!! :)

Im just nervous that the minute i taste food again, old habits are going to fly back - and all my stinky breath would have been for nothing!

For me its like when I stopped smoking - killing it completely was easy - but i know if i was ever to smoke even 1 again - i would be an addict quicktime
Just remember when you eat why you started cd in the first place and how hard u have already worked and how it felt when u saw those pounds melting away and you hopefully wont indulge too much xxxx
I think eating everything in sight may be a mistake! the odd nibble of a drumstick and some salad is likely to be on the buffet, or do as the others said, speak to your CDC about upping your intake just before.

i did cd a few years ago when there was no SS+ and food after a month.

I found that going back on the shakes really difficult after normal food. However I have found it a lot easier this time swapping SS with a SS+

any which way I hope the meal goes well for you


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I have a holiday to Majorca coming up and have this same worry. I'm going to talk to my CDC about it and see what she suggests as I KNOW I will have a glass of red wine here and there on holiday ;)
That's the whole point of a holiday though!!

There's an ice cream parlour in my resort.. that's gonna get me! aside from that they have a lot of fish/chicken/veg.. so I'm gonna try my best
I am on holiday next week and again mine is all inclusive, so I have decided to come off CD for a week while away as I would only be kidding myself thinking I could do CD when I have paid for all inclusive! But, for me, it's been a planned break since the day I started. I know it will be hard to get back on it when I get back, but too many people know about me doing the diet now for me not to succeed! I know I will have the support to get back in ketosis again, so will enjoy the holiday in the knowledge that whatever I gain, I can lose again on SS.

Good luck whatever you decide x


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Im going to a wedding in a few weeks to Ireland,

Im gonna come off the diet for 3 days (eat sensible) then back on it again. It will be a week before i see my cdc so hopefully what i put on i will loose before i see her.

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