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Shabba's back from her jollydays and back to it...


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
Seeing as theres loads of them i thought i'd share my journey.

today is a saturday and i slept in a little too long and ended up missing breakfast doh! usual occurance for saturday so im not too fussed.

went to tesco, walked around there for 45 mins. Can i count shopping for my earned points? :giggle:

I did some cleaning for 45 mins so i guess i can count that :giggle: and then i havent done much else! I spent a few hours studying so its been a busy and productive day although it may not seem like it!

I had a suprisingly good day. Im under points, thanks to no brekkie:rolleyes:

Tesco HL snack pot thing - 5 points
English muffin - 2
Butter - 1
Skips - 1.5

smoked salmon - 3
Veg - 0
Garlic bread - 2
Apple - 0.5
fish cocktail thing - 1
Almond Slice - 1.5

skimmed milk - 1
1 x Crusha Milkshake - 3

21.5 points isnt bad really.
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first post! :D

i always think that.. but then again the WW pedometers always let you walk loads of steps before you get any activity points at all.. so i wouldnt like to count shopping, even though i do loads of it! :p maybe cause we stop and start constantly.. hence not walking as much as we thought?

well done on your studying btw :) i am awful when it comes to studying - i always find something else less important to do! :p no staying power!

have a lovely day tomorrow anyway :D x


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
Okay so today has been a total chillax day! I woke up late, again, and had rubbish to do. So raced off without brekkie!:(

I have spent time with madam and we made cards with pretty things on :giggle:

To be fair my motivation has been lacking somewhat today! I did think about going on the wii, and thought against it!

Still well under points today and I fancy a hob nob or 2 :giggle:

So after my relaxing bath I will have a cuppa and biccies! Tomorrow is dreaded weigh day! I want 2lbs off and I've had the best week ever so I had better do it! Oooh also my couch 2 5k starts so I'm excited :giggle:

Laters taters!
good luck with your WI tomorrow Shabba :) xx


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
Had a fantabulous day yesterday!! I went to the gym and started my c25k and it really wasnt as bad as i thought it was going to be! Looking forward to Wednesdays session :cool:

WI last night and another 3lb off!!! OMG thats nearly a whole stone lost!!! Im half a pound a way :giggle:

I have been sticking to the diet like glue and exercising well so its really paying off :D for the first time in years im under 14st!!!!!!

Lets see what this week brings


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
helloooo diary!

Long time no ramble :eek:

I've had a busy few weeks. Weight loss has gone up and down and the past week i've generally had a rubbish time at work. Hoping it wont reflect on my weight because i've been trying. :cry: Ill be happy with 1lb tonight!!!!

I've also had issues with my knees :( I havent been in the gym as often as i would have liked! although the good doctor has given me pain releif and booked me in for physio which he's hoping i can incorporate into the gym! :flirt2: so ill be unstoppable soon!!!

So fingers frossed for tonight, i want that 1lb!!!! :character00116:
I'm with you on the knee front hun, have now been waiting for what seems like ages to see the flaming physio, what is it with knees why are they the first thing to go south ? lol


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
:giggle: I've had knee problems for years and was always told it was "growing pains"!! At 5'9" i certainly hope its not still growing pains :eek: Im happy i can head back into the gym with the help of the painkillers and listening to my body rather than killing it!

I'll get the phonecall for my appointment when i've forgotten all about it :rolleyes:


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
Hellllooooooooo there diary!

Im a bit peeved if im honest but i guess i shouldnt be!

had a good day yesterday, even managed to complete W3W3 :flirt2: but then in the evening my knees were agony! :cry:So i cant go for a run today. Im debating going in for weights or for core work but i dont know if im motivated or ready for sit ups :confused:

I have a bit of good news, i have meals planned till friday evening :flirt2: check me out!
Shabba if you dont like sit ups, try sit downs? sit up like you would if you had just done a sit up, cross your arms over your chest and slowly lower yourself halfway down and then back up. Works just like a sit up but isnt one :D x


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
I must use this more often. I keep forgetting and sometimes i have nothing interesting to say! :(

Im not feeling myself today. The diet is going great :D I was good all weekend and if i make it till Thursday it will be the first time in a month i've actually stuck to it all week!!

Had a yummy Quorn Korma last night :giggle: Thought i would go for something different and it wasnt bad. wasnt the best tasting indian in the world but it was just enough for me :D

Exercise wise i havent done anything for 2 weeks. I feel pretty lousy and fear i have a slight cold. Nothing compared to madam and OH, they've been hit hard, but still im kept awake at night by my cough :mad:

I am however, going swimming on sunday with madam. I've avoided it like the plague because she doesnt like water, but i've asked her if she fancies going and i think were going to make it a regular thing! Think i will go on my own at some point as well. I can get it cheap enough with my discount card!

Workwise, i cant be bothered. I've lost all motivation. I am about to reduce my hours to 22.5 per week rather than 37.5 and it is such a sloooooow process. I would just like it to hurry up!!! :mad:

Today is Tuesday. Tuesday is an ok day. tuesday is the day i twig on my essay is due in on Friday and i've got 300 words to write!!! :eek:

Ramble over:cool:

Jo Slim

Silver Member
Hi Shabba,
hopefully you,ll feel better when they get round to reducing your hours for you;)
well done for sticking so far this week, I,m literally taking it one day at a time:)


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
Well im relatively happy today. I have been off work, im not productive because im tired and fed up and was kept awake all night by a persistant cough thats driving me potty!!! :mad:

So i've vegged out and took madam to school and relaxed a little!

I have some news....Shabbas going to be wearing size 16 jeans next week :D

Im in a pair now but i bought them 6 years ago and they didnt fit me properly then :eek: so im rather pleased im in them now!! So i've pestered OH and im getting tops, jeans and combats all in size 16 because im sick of pulling my trousers up all the time!!! :8855:

He wont buy me my shoes though :rolleyes: told him i neeeeeed them but he said my purple shiny ones and my mary & jesus ones are still fine so i can wait a month or so :rolleyes:
I have some news....Shabbas going to be wearing size 16 jeans next week :D
:clap::clap::clap: Well done Shabba!!! Check you out eh!


Sweet wrapper fetishist.
That's great news on the next size down!

I have to say I absolutely heart those shoes! Are they Ironfist ones? I used to like Killdoll from Office but they don't seem to have them anymore. Grrr. And what is this about Mary&Jesus ones? I WANT!!!!!


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
thanks guys, im excited that they will be here over the next few days :giggle:

Yes they are the oh so gorgeous iron fist shoes!!!! i LOVE this company. Im not a rock chick or anything like that, im happy to shop in primarni but they have such a different approach to fashion and its comfortable!!

These are my purple ones, which i did wear to work this morning!!:

and these are my bad boys:

I adore these but they desperately need re-heeling :wave_cry:

back to diet life now!

I lost 2.5lb!!! Im soooo happy! I havent been this weight in about 6 years :eek: It seems crazy that i thought i was ok and now i realise how i looked! I still havent noticed a major change but i see myself every day, i know the clothes is a major step but i dont "see" it! Others have noticed it and comment on it now, especially those i havent seen in a while so thats fabulous!
I lost 2.5lb!!! Im soooo happy! I havent been this weight in about 6 years :eek:
Well done Shabba! That's a brilliant result!

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