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Shaker anyone?

Hi everyone,

As my shaker decided to explode the other evening I am now left without any. I have went back to the cdc to see if she has any but its going to take 6 weeks to come in which is a bit late to wait as I need one pretty soon. The nearest chemist that does LT is around 40 miles away so a bit far to go for a shaker. I know somebody mentioned on here that there was some in Tesco's but the one thats here is small and pokey and doesnt have anything like that. So I am hoping in vain that somebody would be kind to purchase me one :worthy::help2: and send it to me, just pm me the costs and I send yas the price of the shaker and of course postage and packaging. It would be appreciated as I really need it for when I go home in two weeks as I dont want to suffer with:yuk::cross:lumpy chocolate shake. :sign0163:
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Hi hun i can get u a shaker, its a met-rx 700ml one though

I get my OH to get me them from the bodybuilding/protein shop

Oh happy days!! Let me know how much they are and your postage and I will send you a cheque in the post tomorrow or would you prefer to be paid via paypal?
wow thanks guys, I wasnt prepared for the response. Thanks roddy although I told kirsty earlier on I would get her to get me one so I appreicate the offer though. Kirsty if you have time to pick that one up tomorrow that would be great as I head home next thursday so would want it before then. Would you like me to pay ya via paypal?


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If you have a Rowlands pharmacy anywhere near you they have the Celebity Slim shakers for £2.99 xx
Thanks Jan thats great, had a wee look down the road as there is one beside me and yo and behold there was one looking out the window at £1.99 so going to purchase two tomorrow just incase. By the way never ever put boiling water in them as they don't like it thats why mine exploded. Thanks Kirsty for your very kind offer but Jan has answered my plea!! Really appreciate everyones responses.


maintaining since June'09
HUH!!!! Old robbers by me then!!!!! I paid £2.99 HUH!!!! ;):)

Glad you're sorted!! :)
I think its an introduction though but I can lie my way into it and say that I am on it with another pharmacy!!
affordablesupplemements.co.uk do them thats what mine is and no issues


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I don't think they'll care - I just went in and picked one up - no questions asked, you could just say it's a handy thing to have in the kitchen - don't see why they'd be bothered xx

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