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shaker tip


Serial Foodie!
Hi all,

just wanted to share something that my cdc introduced me to. When i bought my first batch of sachets, she offered me a sports bottle that is brilliant for the shakes.

it has a removeable siv in it that gets rid of all the lumps and she says it works much better than anything else she has used.

I think my one is great. I have used it for shakes and soups and it doesnt spill out everywhere and does get rid of all the lumps. it has a ml measurer on the side as well.

I pop it in my bag (albeit a big sholder bag lol) and take my shakes out with me as I always knwo Im going to get held up somewhere so i can make up a shake anywhere. itsa only £2.99 on this site but i dunno what the delivery charge is.

MET-Rx Shaker bottle - Accessories

hope someone finds this of use. :)
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that is so cool, wish id found it back in july!!


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Thanks for sharing this! It's very similar to what LL give to you when you start out!


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Funnily enough, I just bought a new one of those but they cost £3.49 in Holland and Barratt. Got one for home and one for work now :cool:


Serial Foodie!
they are over £5 in argos (so i hear) and probably cost more than £3.50 from that site with postage so holland and barrett sounds like the best option!

I will pop in there and get a spare when Im next in town.

thanks DQ!


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i have one of those, used it for my protien shake at the gym, never thought about using it for CD, but now i will especially for work, I have one of those bullet things at home which make them nice and thick,


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I use the same. I also see to it that I add some warm water and then put the sachets in. If I empty the sachet first and then add water its takes time and some gets stuck at the bottom.


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I wouldnt reccommend you use them with boiling water as the lid would probably pop off!

Mind you spose you could always make up the soup with some cold water - get the lumps out that way and then add the boiling water??

Just a thought - I only ever have the 'sweet shakes' so cant really say - but lighterlife reccommend you only use their shakers for mixing cold shakes...



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Can you do both soups and shakes in that one ?? does it mix them up well enough. I have always used my blender but that looks so much easier to clean.

Deb x

i do both soups and shakes in it

the trick is add enough water (hot or cold) just over the whisk then wizz it and add the soup/shake while its wizzing around once all the powder is added top up with some more water while its still wizzin.
then enjoy!!

when i am at home i use a hand help blender so i can have ice in my shake.