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Shakes have just arrived!!

Good luck charmelz, hope you get on ok. Have you tried this before?
nope never tried anything like it. Not sure if thats a good or a bad thing but I just kinda know it's going to work even if it's just my stubborn streak proving to everyone that says I wont last a week that I can and will lol xx
Hi charmelz,

I started today too - first time on one of these diets for me.
The shakes actually taste ok, and aren't too bad to mix despite some of the threads I've read.... I used a hand whisk (manual).

It takes willpower - but so far I've survived day one! Good luck for your first day,

Two thirds of the day into day one. Shakes didn't taste nearly as bad as I expected them to. Have one of them protein drink shakers which seems to mix them really well. Can't use a blender when at work and work 12 hour shifts so it's a real bonus that that works as well as it did. Haven't found today hard at all but then it'll be this evening that it hits me. Heres to getting through week one!
Hi Charmelz, hope the evening has not hit you too hard and you are on track for a good day 2 tomorrow.

Best of luck, once you are through to the first weigh in it will get easier.
Thanks for the support everyone. Am at the end of day 2 now and it's going really well. Been around plenty of the food I normally can't resist and not even been tempted. Am feeling positive which will hopefully see me through day 3 and 4 xx
Well Done

Great positive start, you will be amazed at this diet, all the VLCD are like the worlds best kept secret. Well maybe the second best kept secret, I dont know the first otherwise I would be able to keep the weight off!!:eek:
Been ok but only lost 1 lb this week so felt a bit wobbly on wi day yesterday - there is a canteen in my office just next to my desk so it can be really tricky sometimes. Got through it anyway. Good luck with the rest of your first week.

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