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Shakes Only For Quickest Loss

No idea, I wouldn't have thought so because all the products have similar calorie and nutrient content.

And to be brutally honest looking at your stats you are not really suitable for a VLCD anyway. You are already at a healthy BMI so your weight losses would be comparatively small and you would be risking your health more than someone obese (which is who VLCD are recommended for).

You'd be better off eating healthily and getting a short-term gym membership then using it every couple of days in my opinion.
there is an ingredients list somewhere on the 'net
have just checked & all the ingredients have roughly the same amount of Protein & Carbs
the only difference is the bars allegedly can take you out of ketosis-but thats only if you have more than one a day-may be an urban myth
either way you would lose a lot of weight quickly, especially Men
But like Yam says-its supposed to be for people starting from a BMI of 30 & above
it also is a maga lifestyle change & you will feel rough for the first 2 weeks
you may also suffer from a bit of memory loss, (not with all users) it depends how you want to feel ?
Nah Maggie, this chap has been doing VLCD for a while, I don't think that will be an issue.

Oh well Borntofly
I thnk the weight loss would be the same shakes alone
or shakes/soups/bars

i personally would do all 3, I do & unless you have been having a break from CD, you get 3/4lbs loss per week

let us know if you do decide to do shakes alone, and how you've got on!
done a VLCD before

does that make him a

Veteran Very Low Calorie Dieter



taking it 1 day at a time
Soups and shakes are about the same calories and carbs with bars a little higher. You should be able to lose your stone in a month to 6 weeks. Good luck.


In it to win it.
Hey - sorry my stats are out of date, I'm more like a BMI of 27.5/28, which is a lot higher than goal. I put on quite a bit weight over xmas and never really lost it. Now I have an incentive. Last time I did shakes, bars and the vile soups. I'll try shakes only this time I think and I'll keep you updated :)


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I was having a soup/shake/bar per day and after a while my losses really slowed. I studied the carbs and decided that over 61g of carbs a day was too high for me, it was a good 10g more a day than the max I used to have on LL. Since reducing my carbs to max 50g per day my losses have speeded up again (3lb,4lb,4lb the last 3 weeks) I am sure I am quite sensitive to carbs in that respect - it may well be that other people can have many more and not notice a problem, but for me having a bar everyday just took me that little bit too far.

Do what is best for you - maybe have a bar every couple of days - just experiment to see what suits you best.

Good luck getting to goal, you know the score - behave yourself & stick to the rules and you will be there before you know it.


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