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Shakes = Sweet ....!!! gr!


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Hey Guys!

Today i noticed that my shake has began to taste reeeeeeeally sweet! (i only have the chocolate) I don't mind it but i was a bit shocked! all this time and they are starting to taste different! I'm putting this down to my taste buds changing ... maybe i will try the vanilla again now - only tried one on my first day and it was rank but if my buds have change .. never know! lol

I dont add anything to it, just 250ml water and a through shaking! lol

Anyone else noticed this?

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Well I can't stand the strawberry for this reason....WAY too sweet! I am a chocolate shake person, but I do find sometimes it is too sweet and wonder if I haven't mixed it properly???? I hadn't thought about taste buds though....hmmmm....could be that alright! That would be good. I like the idea that my taste buds are finally coming into line to where they should be.


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I've noticed my chocolate shakes have tasted a lot more chocolatey, not that I'm complaining :D


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Your taste buds definately change hun!! When you finally come off them for good its like rediscovering food! I actually hated the taste of chocolate and sweets for a good few months!

I'm a 100% chocolate shake girl too, the vanilla and strawberry used to make me :jelous: at just the smell of them!! But my mum gave me a load of shakes that shes not using anymore and managed to ge a strawberry one down me no problem before! Was amazed!

I don't know if it will make a difference to finding it sweet but you could always try putting a bit extra water in..maybe up to 300mls?xx


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Yeah thats what im thinking louize - more water might help and i may go back to having a couple strawberry just for variety next week!

Thanks guys x
I could never have lived on one flavour, I would have been so bored and probably given up. I always had 3 different flavours every day and always did something different with them, except the strawberry one, always just mixed with ice and 400ml of cold water.


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i've not had plain vanilla since day 3/4 i think. i mix mine with coffee - maybe that helps take the sweetness away, could be worth trying if you like coffee summergurl.


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I cant stand coffee! i like the smell of it and i like coffee sweets/chocolates but not the actual drink .. weird i know!


Here we go again!
I found at about week 9 that my chocolate shake tasted really chocolatey. Like Yasmine I'm not complaining. They taste so nice now. Funny how you get used to the shakes and even enjoy them now, compared to starting this diet.


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I have enjoyed them from the start (except the vanilla) which is weird cuz i dont like milkshakes or anything of the sort!!!

Miss Bean

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Yeah strawberry is yukky atm...my chocolate tastes funny too...its more chocolatey cold than hot i noticed. But too sweet when cold. I cant bring myself to try vanilla it tastes like something i wont mention lol. :) Im sure you will readjust again soon summer. xxxx

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