Back again!
I never made a lot of the shakes cold and tended to have the ones I liked hot. I loved (and still do) to make a filter coffee and add it with extra hot water to a cappucino shake or a vanilla shake - both lovely (IMO:) ). I always added more water to mine to make a big drink that lasted longer and they did fill me up. I did use to make the vanilla with ice and a ¼ tsp of orange water flavouring, which was lovely & creamy, I think the ice does make them thicker.

Enjoy :)


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They are very filling. In the summer, I add lots of ice but try not to add too much water because you need to drink it within 15 minutes and can take some drinking!! :eek:

Cappuccino is a lovely iced coffee, and adding flavoured coffee to the vanilla makes a lovely change :D


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I've never thought of doing the shakes hot!! I know it sounds daft now.. but will give them a try when I see my CDC on Thursday night... can't wait to try them!