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shall I do pp instead of discover plan? Im really confused. Any HELP???


has to be done this year
Started discover plan but some people are telling me to do pp instead, confused???

personally I really enjoy the discover plan, I have 20 points a day which is enough for me. I did discover plan 4 years ago and have all the books and the calc. I haven't recently attended ww classes but heard about the pp plan in the forum. I'm so confused because many people are telling me to do pp as that is the official ww plan, I enjoy dp but with pp fruits are 0 points which is a good advantage...

what to you guys think? is pp better and if so which one gives better weight loss??

Also what are the Pros and Cons of the pro points compared to the old discover points? info would be very helpful, thanks x
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Good question Pixar! I did pp for a week and i lost 3lbs this week i am doing discovery and after a sneaky peek on the scales this morning, i have lost 2lbs in 3 days!
I have all the Discovery books and calcs so i am using them, to be honest i have this theory about ww PP...

...we are in times of financial difficulty, are people doing discovery at home more now with no meetings because they can't afford to attend? Are there significant changes in the plans, they have upped the points you are allowed but they have also changed the points value on things...does it all just even out anyway? and if PP works at a slower rate as many have said, is that to get you to take longer to get to goal, need more support, spend more on WW foods and tools??

I don't know what the best plan is, i suppose it depends on if your willing to restart by buying all the new bumpf that goes along with what really is the same diet in principle.


has to be done this year
yep minimise me i agree with you, maybe its just a new thing that diet companies bring out to keep people interested or like you said to keep them coming to the classes. WW maybe have felt fear when they realized that alot of people were joining slimming world so they brought out an innovation of a new diet to attract customers. All I know is that you can get to eat more of the healthy foods with pp and less of the baddies, where as with dp you have to value everything like fruits. I mean if I can loose the same weight loss on pp that I do with dp, I would rather do pp because fruits free and u get extra 49 points a week.....oh I'm confused :))) I really wish someone who's done both pp and dp for a long time to give me some inlight in this


has to be done this year
oh I'm so confused, I think purely because the fruits are 0 points that is what is enticing me into pp, its like when I know I cant eat them I want them and thats what I liked about sw, fruits were free but then I found I got to bloated eating all that pasta so I left. I know I can have fruits on discover plan, but hate using my points on fruits. I know you get extra daily points on pp and the extra 49 points but because most foods have doubled up on the pp plan, does this mean you more or less get the same points on pp as u did on the dp? Im just want weigh out the pros and cons on both plans, and I heard people say they have a slower weight loss on pp, is that true?
in my opinion, fruit is good for you its part of your 5 a day, why not try doing dp but eat whatever fruit you like and not point it, if you still lose then you know you can have all the fruit you like! I can never understand why the point fruit anyway ( i know its sugar but its natural sugar!) i think i am going to stop pointing any fruit i eat, its good for me and that all i need to know!


has to be done this year
i did think that actually, like to eat fruit and not count the points, but I'm scared it might affect my weight loss. I know most veg has calories but cos they don't have no fat or sugar, or atleast not as high contents as fruits, thats why they are 0 points, but i guess the sugar in fruits effects your insulin level..
Im ok without fruits for the moment, just ate a plum, BUT when summer kicks in I'm gonna most prob either do sw or pp because I love summer fruits and its my biggest weakness
I don't agree that pp is not healthier than dp except for the fruit. I do think that pp is a much healthier approach to weight loss than dp, as dp restricts the number of calories you eat too much. Yes, with dp you have better losses... but you also lose more of your muscle mass than what you do on pp. pp promotes a diet of around 1200/1300 calories per day minimum. Dp promoted a diet of 500/800 calories minimum (if you had 14 points per day and you had a few high sat fat's foods you could possibly get to only 500 calories per day!). Even with the addition of the free vegetables, that was way too little food to be healthy. Of course I'm talking about extremes, but I prefer to lose weight slowly but eat properly and know I had all the nutritions I need to not feel constipated or ravenous at the end of the day only because I want to go out at the week end!

It's just me though.


has to be done this year
hi kagome75. thanks for the post, its nice to hear peoples opinions. I think many people are happy on pp but then again I have heard quite few people going back to dp so wondered why that was? is it because the weight loss is slower on pp?
the weight loss is slower. I'm maintaining, so I don't have problems about it but I was still losing weight on my maintenance discover points and I'm not losing anything on my "weight-loss" propoints. But it doesn't matter to me, because I'm at my goal weight and I don't need any more food, I'm quite content and happy how I am, I found my balance.

Anyway, people do lose weight with the new plan, I have lost 4 lbs before Christmas myself with it, and most of it during the very week I had gone WAY over my points as I had my wedding reception's trial (12 courses meal!). I have seen people losing even 7 or 8 lbs a week, it all depends on how much they have to lose really, and how they manage it.

You can lose weight on the new plan, but you do need to be a bit more patient and remember to take your measurements, because most of the time although the weight-loss might be slower, you lose more fat so you lose cms.


has to be done this year
kagome75, is your goal weight 7 st 10? wow thats quite low, don't mean to be intrude but how tall are u?
no, that's just the minimum of my BMI :) I would love to get there to see what I look like, but it's not my goal, my goal was 8st 9 :) which I have overcome already ;) That's why it's down as "Ultimate goal aim". I don't even know if I would like what I see if ever I get there.

Anyway, the pp plan has decided I shan't get there, and in all honesty, I'm not bothered, I'm happy at 8st 0/4 (depending on the weeks)

PS: I'm 5' 2 and something, not even and a half :D


has to be done this year
wow 8 st 9, thats excellent, I think for your height that seems like a good weight, personally anything in the 7 st sounds a bit too small, it sounds too childlike weight, I don't really go involved with the bmi because everyone has a diff built, I think when u look in the mirror and look good thats when u stop, not if the bmi says u should loose half stone more, but well done, im so jealous because yr like 5 pounds less than my goal:D just proves to show that it can be done, thanks for the inspiration x
ive just completed my first week on pp and lost 2 1/2lbs i have done discovery before and lost 7lbs in the first week i am also confused as to which plan to follow. PP seems to allow too much food for weight loss.


has to be done this year
ladylegend thats the prob, a lot of people are mentioning that they are consuming too much food on the new pp and that the weight loss is slower, if thats the case why have they introduced a plan that gives you a slower weight loss:) could it be because they want to attract more customers with a new innovation? who knows
ive just completed my first week on pp and lost 2 1/2lbs i have done discovery before and lost 7lbs in the first week i am also confused as to which plan to follow. PP seems to allow too much food for weight loss.
dieting is not about how many lbs you lose each week but on having a plan that is liveable and sustainable ON A VERY VERY VERY LONG TERM, because believe it or not, you will need to keep on "dieting" for the rest of your life. If you keep on doing what you've always done you will always get what you've always got. If you diet and lose weight quickly it means that you lose water in your muscles, muscles themselves and a little fat. I prefer to lose only the little fat and lose only 2 lbs rather than losing always the 2 lbs in fat, but also other 5 lbs of muscle mass which will be very difficult to rebuild. Remember the story of the turtle and the hare, slow and steady wins the race. That's the new approach WW is having.

If you are on ww it's because obviously you have overeaten for a certain number of years. otherwise you wouldn't be there. I feel i can say that, because I have been there myself, when I started weight watchers I weighted 14 st 2.5 and it was all my fault, even if I didn't think so at the time.

The PP plan encourages you, WITHOUT making you feel punished/ravenous/hungry, to make HEALTHIER choices and encourages you to educate yourself on what is the best food for your body, that keeps you fuller for longer, without depriving you or without forcing you to give up all you like. If you give up all you like, in the end you will miss it and get back to it and you'll pile all the weight back on.

It happened to me once on Discover: as soon as I reached my ideal weight I stopped following the diet and piled the lbs on again, just because although the diet was allowing me to have treats and stuff I liked, it was TOO restrictive and didn't allow any flexibility for life to interfere. This time it's different and I have proved it: I'm on propoints since November and al maintaining really well my 8 stone weight. I have kept on losing a bit until Christmas, exactly like I was doing with Discover (I have been at goal since June, but on Discover, even on the maintenance points I was still losing weight, so much so I've lost 9 lbs in 6 months...) and then I have happily kept on maintaining my 8 stone of weight. My goal is 8st 9 and even after having come back from holiday for 10 days in Rome at Christmas (with all the Christmas food and cakes lying around) I hadn't even returned to my goal weight, I had only put on 4 or 5 lbs, which I have happily lost in a couple of weeks, again with propoints, stopping where I wanted to stop.

So... why restrict yourself on a diet based on old scientific principles, which promotes a daily calorie intake of only 560/980 minimum (if you have 14 points per day, a vintage point was, based on the saturated fat, between 40 (x14 = 560) to 70 (x14=980) calories. Hence, if your 14 points contain mostly foods high in sat fat, you would have only around 500 calories! Even by adding an extra 300 or 400 calories of vegetables, and that would be a MASSIVE amount of carrots/tomatoes and etc, you wouldn't be getting even to 1000 calories a day! The formula for the vintage points would give 1 point for 70 calories only if the saturated fat content was 0.1% or less, so it means that 980 calories per day would be possible only on very extreme circumstances. Most of the time on vp if you had 14 points per day you would be averaging 800 calories per day, plus maybe 100/150 of vegetables, hence not even 1000!) when you can lose weight with a well balanced diet of 1200/1300 calories per day (1500 with fruit and veg) which any nutritionist would recommend you to have?

Yes the weight loss is slower, but HEALTHIER. Combined with exercise the Propoints plan would result in you being able to enjoy your life, never feel hungry, lose your weight and arrive at goal toned, with a minimum amount of loose skin and armed with the best tools to maintain your loss forever without yo-yoing!
To be honest I am shocked that it is being admitted that the old plan made you lose muscle mass more than pp does ,ww boasted for 15 years how flawless its plan was...so all those success stories where people lost weight and looked amazing what was that all about? Whilst I agree that science develops but I think the recession along with a war with sw for business has played a huge part in ww introducing pp ...in 15 years time they will change again and refuse to support people on old plans just as what is happening now. And surely 14 points is on the low side anyway surely if your daily value is that low you don't really need to be on ww. Let's face it all the man made diets are flawed in some way the the basic principle of weight loss is eat less and move more. Every plan that claims weightloss is just ultimately a money spinner for the people who write them
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has to be done this year
minimise me, I think this applies to all major diet companies, when they feel threat from another competitor, They feel like a new innovation has to be brought in to attract people from other diets, SW success rate has been really high for the last 4 years so Im thinking maybe they had to bring in a diet that was quite similar to sw where certain foods are free and its more flexible. I remember people in sw classes moaning that their points finished in ww and they were left starving so I guess they introduced the pp which gives u unlimited fruit and u get extra points on low density foods which means u can feel fuller for longer...anyway good luck on yr journey, when we get to our target hopefully we can can look back and be proud!
I don't think the changes to WW has anything to go with whether or not SW is a success or not. WW is a much much bigger company and has a he'll of a lot more members than SW. If people on SW complain they were always hungry on WW that's because they didn't follow itvproperly and made bad choices. People following WW frequently comment how they struggle to use their points. That's because they're doing the plan sensibly

WW have been focusing on filling foods for years thats not new to pp. The biggest change to pp is how the points are used NOT what they're used for. And the only thing that's free that wasn't is fruit. Again WW has always had some free things so thats not new either

I dont think the new plan is any more similar to SW than the old one. WW know their points plan is a winning formula. There's no way whatsoever they're trying to be like SW
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has to be done this year
Well personally I agree that the new pp is a very good diet and gives u enough points not to feel hungry, esp the fact that fruits are 0 points, but in the old discover plan I did find that many people moaned that their points finished quickly and thats why the went to sw because of the unlimited carbs/protein you can indulge along with the fruits. I have to say this new pp is better than all the sw plans because fruits are free and you get to eat more of what u want to eat, even if its pizza and take away, and this extra 49 points is like heaven:) I think sw has its good points too as I lost 4 stones with them, but I think ww works better for me as I like to eat what I want to eat on the go, like a grab a sandwich and every now and then grab a burger....

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