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Shall I put the scales away?

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Hi - could do with a bit of avice - my CDC asks me not to weigh myself until I go for my official weigh in. My scales at home show me the same as her, so I can't seem to help but get on the scales every day:wave_cry:!. As this is my second week I am still loosing, but think this can't be a very healthy habit for the longer term, and am worried if I don't loose (or gain!!:eek:) I will give up. What do other people do? - am I just playing with my own mind - should I put the scales soeemwhere a bit more difficult to get at so it's not easy to get on every day when I go for my morning shower? - or is weighing everyday helping me focus?
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i can't offer much help as i weigh myself about 4 times a day :)
Hi skippy dog, why not make a deal with yourself, you can weigh every two days at first, for a couple of weeks, then every three, then every four....or if you are feeling very very strong weigh daily but with the absolute thought that you will not give up no matter what the scales say, this is what I have done, if you are 100% the scales should show a loss, however I have realised that even if they stay the same or go up or down a ittle especially TOTM I have been 100% so they have to go down eventually, I have let the scales ruin my planning too many times when they have not shown me what I want, not any more, my motto now Stick to the plan and I will lose..Hope this makes sense....good luck sweetie xx
I honestly believe that weighing once a week is best, but I understand all too well the temptation to get on those scales again and again. As Puddy said what the scales register can come to rule your life and even to decide your mood and motivation for the whole day ahead. Fast weight loss is addictive in itself lol (and wonderful when things are going well!) so adding a scale-hopping compulsion probably isn't a good idea.

There's not one VLCD dieter I have ever known who has felt even okay if the scales show a STS or temporary gain. Usually they get very upset, very down, and pretty soon they start to ask, why am I doing without food etc if it's gonna be this slow? Then they stay down for that day and often the next day, too. Little things like that can make people give up.

I know lots of people weigh daily and several times a day and if they are happy with that, fine. It's the people who get miserable that I worry about. Just put the scales away! If they are digital take out the battery and throw it. Don't buy replacements lol.


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I hop on and off the scales several times a day. Not that I'm recommending folk to do that but it's what I do. It doesn't seem so depressing on this diet as you lose weight quicker. I've tried putting scales in a hard to get place like out in the garage in winter. I still go out and get them in!
S: 17st0lb C: 15st1lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 33 Loss: 1st13lb(11.34%)
Thanks everyone - glad it's not just me!!. I think what Girlygirl said is what I'm worried about - how much no loss or gain will affect my mood. I'm going to move them out of the bathroom at least and then I will have to think twice about just hopping on, and see how it goes. Maybe waiting for weigh in day will be like waiting for Christmas then!!
Mary if it doesn't create a problem for you then carry on! But it seems to upset others so badly that it can actually sabotage the diet. We are emotional wee creatures, us foodies living without food (lol) and it doesn't take much to rock the boat. I can remember suffering a raging bad temper when I was SS. Not all day, nor every day, but it was due to being forbidden to eat! Mood swings too, oh yeah. And if I had been really 'good' and the scales did not more - or worse, showed a slight gain - I was devastated.

If it is a problem or you fear it might become one, think again about frequent weighing. Once a week is just fine for me. There was a time, when I was just maintaining over the years, where I weighed no more than once a month. I have an compulsive/addictive personality like many others here and I did not want my scale addiction to ruin my chances.

If you know you have been 'good' and done all you are asked to on your TFR programme then you must trust that all is well and you are on course to lose the one stone per month that they all promise. Don't make the scale your 'God' as someone once said to me. Don't give the exact figures control over your day and your mood.

Dieting sure is hard lol.


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Some people do, some people don't. The official line is not to weigh yourself, to judge yourself by one set of scales at your counsellors alone.

I do weigh myself every day because fluctuations don't bother me, I like to track exactly what happens on what day so I can spot my monthly cycle and what it does to my weight. It also keeps me motivated, having data to fill in every day - on SS, the thought of my morning routine would make sure I didn't slip late at night in case I affected the morning results! Now taht I'm working up the plans I have the same routine, but as the losses are much slower I have a new set of boxes to tick re all teh calories I burn exercising and what food I consume. But that's just me, I am a born spreadsheet user!! You have to find what works for you.

If you find seeing the scales stay the same for 5 days in a row or even go up even though you've been 100% affects your mood or attitude to sticking to the diet, you really must lock the scales away. Like I say - it doesn't bother me in the slightest as I know if I stick to plan the weight will always come off...but other people may not feel the same way.

But to finish off, no, weighing yourself every day is not recommended by the CWPCs.


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I am a daily weigher but last week the batteries in my scales died so I haven't weighed at all for a week, all the more excited to see my CDC for the result as I normally know by the time I get my "official" weigh in what its going to be!

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