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Share your *MENUS* please (Atkins and Low carb)

Ok so i am interested in seeing what other low carbers are eating on a daily basis and hoping we can provide some inspiration for eachother...

To get an idea of what im eating please see below;

B poached eggs and grilled bacon
L chicken with mayo
T mixed tandoori grill from indian and salad

B ham and philly rolls, babybels
L Picnic - cocktail sausages,cheeses,salami,cucumber,ham,etc
T Garlic and herb chicken thighs and salad leaves

B s/f jelly and double cream
L babybels, ham and philly rolls, small handful of peanuts
T doner kebab meat with full fat mayo

B s/f jelly and double cream
L smoked mackerel (w/peppercorns on) and salad leaves, f/f mayo
T bbq chicken bits and salad, garlic mayo
Snacks hot peperami and baby bels
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B - Coffee, double cream, amaretto da vinci syrup, Atkins bar

L - Salad with turkey breast, half an avo, romaine lettuce, celery, few tomatoes, 2 slices gruyere cheese, spring onion, mayonnaise

D - Neck of lamb fillets griddled, served with a greek salad, with feta, cucumber, olives. S/F jelly and home made lc ice cream


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different breakfast idea

crispy aparagus soldiers

wrap streaky bacon around asparagus bake until crisp then use them as 'soldiers' for your dippy eggs!


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Mmmmmmm we picked some asparagus at the weekend at the pickyourown...guess what I'm going to do with mine!
Thanks Sue!

Hi all! i have started the Idiot proof Diet, its low carb with a bit of low GI thrown in.


B- Bacon, mushs, plum tom

L- boiled egg, sliced ham, tom, celery, couple olives, half avocado, mayo

D- Stirfry veg in chilli bits and garlic, then poured into omlette. Cheese on top.

Snacks- sugar free sweets:eek:


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Dancing, you have got me in jelly mode no! TG for the sugar free version.


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different breakfast idea

crispy aparagus soldiers

wrap streaky bacon around asparagus bake until crisp then use them as 'soldiers' for your dippy eggs!
I have some asparagus in thefridge....just off to the local shop to buy bacon. What with dancing and the jelly, now it's bacon soldiers!


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well dancing ur not the only one who snacks!

B - was supposed to be an omelette but ended up at scrambled egg with bacon, cheese and mushroom

snacks - cheese strings x 2
l - bunch of green salad leaves 3 small cherry toms, pepper and
mixture antipasti meats and mayo

d - chicken with homemade tarragon cream sauce and mushrooms
asparagus and broccoli

small amount of sf lime/lemon jelly

oh yeah

sue xx
dancing i spend more time eating than not at the mo, i am def a grazer so this diet suits me fine...

i always have boiled eggs, snack size cheeses, pepperamis, peanuts etc on hand as i like to nibble all day. my meals tend to be smaller than they would normally be as i am eating lots in between meals.

great asparagus ideas, i love them wrapped in parma ham and griddled then sprinkled with parmesan.

oh and i make up a huge bowl of s/f jelly to snack on. lovely!

thanks for the contributions guys, it really helps xxx


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just tried those asparagus and bacon soldiers! They are fantastic!
i have just had my raspberry s/f jelly and double cream (2nd bowl today oops...). love it!

feeling quite heavy now, are you sure this diet works lol????
only kidding ive done it before and i know it does. all diets work if followed properly after all.

does anyone else drink diet coke? i know i shouldnt but i cannot resist a small bottle a day... this is one thing i really missed while ss'ing.

has anyone had a weigh in yet on their low carb diet? i feel another thread coming on... lol me and my bloody threads! im just nosey...
thats excellent Dancing, 1st week or not. Bet you're chuffed with that loss, and thats the main thing!!!!
oops forgot about yet another snack i had today;

2 celery sticks with peanut butter in. delicious!


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Breakfast: I have an Atkins shake for breakfast during the week and eggs: fried/scrambled/boiled etc with sausages at weekends

Lunch: chicken salad, homemade soups, cheeseburger pie, lowcarb muffins, prawn cocktail, and expensive treat - the smoked salmon/cream cheese things that Tesco do! burgers with cheese melted on, low carb mousakka, shepherd pie topped with a combination of cauliflower and swede.

Dinner: chicken/fish with asparagus, mushrooms, celeriac (nice mashed)

Sometimes: low carb Michelob beer, lowcarb bread, pasta or sweets but sparingly due to side effects and don't want to rely on them. I have lactofree milk in coffee or my Atkins shake ( loved to do this with the tetras on CD and miss it!)

snacks include: baybel, celery with cream cheese, I make the shakes into ice lollies and put nuts in - mmmm.

I make cheese sauce by grating cheese into cream/lactofree milk with a little bit of mayo ( tastes great) I make celeriac dauphinoise like this.

Apart from that - nothing!

oh my god, thats what im having for tea... huge stuffed mushrooms!

this thread is fab.

soraya thanks for the fab insight into a low carb pro! i might get some atkins shakes today so i dont need to cook every morning.

just had my coffee with double cream. it tastes so naughty. ill prob have jelly for breakfast.
lunch will be a salad with either tuna/egg/cheese... or all 3 lol.
tea today is as i mentioned large stuffed mushrooms with a chicken breast.

have a great low carbing day and keep the ideas coming.



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omg omg omg, just had 2 boiled eggs with asparagus wrapped in bacon, I'll never have bread soldiers again, so moreish! yum

Stuffed mushrooms I think today at some point!

keep them coming is brilliant thread, could do with it becoming a sticky!

sue x
ok im no goddess in the kitchen so excuse the 'basic' question, how long do you boil an egg so its still soft yet cooked????

thanks i wanna do soldiers tomorrow!!!!


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ok im no goddess in the kitchen so excuse the 'basic' question, how long do you boil an egg so its still soft yet cooked????

thanks i wanna do soldiers tomorrow!!!!
I do mine for 21/2 mins. Some times 3. Boil 3 eggs, take one out at 21/2, one at 3, one at 31/2 mins and see what ones you like the best. Plunge each one into cold water when you take it out to stop it cooking. I tend to dry fry my eggs, cos then you get the runny yoke, cooked white (no snot) each time.

Last night for tea we had the asparagus spears wrapped in bacon, large open mushrooms, smeared in pesto, a light sprinkling of chedder and baked for 1/2 hour. ( also fresh pasta ravioli in fresh pesto sauce, but I only had a small serving!)


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I love this thread, I love this thread, I love this thread.

I'm gonna try the asparagus!

I'm having BBQ tonight so 100% beef burger with Stilton Butter melted on..YUM! King Prawns marinated in Peri peri and grilled on the BBQ, with roasted feta cheese spiced up with cajun spice.

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