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Sharm El Sheikh - Baron Palms Resort

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i have to admit i really wanted to go to Tunisia one year. When i checked it out it seemed to be very much like spain (eg having an English pub on site) and thats really the sort of thing i want to avoid.

I have heard nothing but praise for Sharm El Sheikh
Well, in that case brace yourself! We went on Feb 2007 and it was awful. We stayed at the 'Royal savoy' and although it was very pretty and the weather was good generally it was poor. Claimed to be 5* more like 3*. Food poisoning was the main prob, athough to be fair, that seems to be a prob in most hotels in Eygpt. I would never, ever go back.
I went to Egypt last year and stayed at the Parisma whatever you do do not stay there, i'm going again in a couple of weeks but staying at the Hyatt Regency, Barons looks lovely but then again so did the Parisma when we got there it was so bad just ruined the holiday, as the manager told me 'we can say 5 star but it doesn't mean your 5 star; i would be really careful about it, this time we are paying more but the Hyatt comes highly recommended, I wouldn't take the risk again of going to a hotel in Egypt that isn't really 5 star, Sharm itself though I loved it and you will never find a sea like it......hope this helps
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Hiya hun, we have that one booked as one of our destinations for the honeymoon but do your research very well on it. We had ours booked when we found out that most of the hotels are having alot of work being done at the moment and we only found out as we contacted the hotel direct and get this the agency never told us and our room was booked right beside where the whole building work was taking place. We went back to the agency after we received a fax for them and they told us that they didnt know about it which was false so word of advice dont book through Thomas cook, they are all a pack of liars!!
Theres a mixed bunch of advice here for you but from my point of view i took my family to the Reef Oasis Beach Resort and it was superb, weather was wonderful, food was great and the best thing was it has its own private considerably large beach with the most fabulous coral reef that was accessed from it. You wouldn't want to venture out of the resort for hounding locals but then again you wouldn't need to. Hope this helps.


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I thought I would just throw an opinion in too. I went to Sharm a few years back and the weather was lovely, our hotel was lovely (can't rememeber which is was now) but I thought the resort was awful. It's man made for tourists and the town area is like Blackpool. I got campaylabacter there and was in bed (or in the bathroom) for days. They say that 50% of people that go to Egypt get it. It's alright if you are stay in the hotel type people, but otherwise I thought it was an awful place. But it is just my opion. Others loved it and if you dive, then it's the place to be.
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lol.. im really clutching at straws now! lol.. well i dont know... the only proper holidays I have ever been to have been back home to Bangladesh and honestly I can tell ya.... its a very poor country. beggers everywhere... the locals would do anything to get you into their shops... and i didnt mind that much.. so i dont think that would bother me anywhere else.

Baron Palms is a 5* and has its own beach and own shops etc etc.... so I guess I wouldnt need to go far for souvenir shopping etc. we really want this holiday just to relax in the sun and be with each other.

I have been on trip advisor and various other sites and everyone has been raving about sharm and this hotel in general. I dont dive! so thats out of the window


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I haven't been myself but I know someone who did go and she said that while the resorts are great, it's not somewhere you want to be outside of the resorts if you have children under about 16. Their experience was quite frightening as the locals wanted to touch and stroke the children - about 8 & 10 yrs at the time. Have you though about anywhere in Greece?
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Personally with all the conflict and politics going on at the moment in Egypt i dont know if it is a good idea. Maybe you should wait and see what the situation is before booking it. Wouldnt want you to get hurt xxx
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Hope ya get something sorted but I dont think sharm is the best place to go to right now, we are trying to get out of ours. Someone told me that cyrus was quite a good place as well. Its always an option


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Mmmmm lots of people like Cyprus .... I'm not that fussy - my sister lives there and to me it's like England with sun - great if that's what you want but not for me. It's not cheap either xx
Of course the England with sun bit could be more to do with the circles my sister moves in than anything I suppose.
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yea i agree, I think when its your honeymoon then it should be somewhere that ya are not going to go again. I have been to alot of spain and the same goes for this destination.


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I know nothing about world affairs - prefer it that way - but DH (who DOES) says he knows nothing about anything in particular ..... there were bombings but they were some time ago ..... can't help - sorry.
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there is alot of work going on out there at the moment and as far as I have heard there are a few riots as well but to be honest where in the world aren't there anything like that going on?
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hmmm i was talkin to OH last night and he said theres a lot more militant bombing type of things going on at the moment and he heard that these have been in tourist areas. alot on cairo but apparently recently there was in sharm el sheikh and they took out an entire hotel.

But really there is so much going on in the world at the moment i dont think we are safe anywhere... you could even argue that its not save walking around places like london or manchester because of the number of shootings and stabbings.. :(

theres something or other going on in more or less every single country. even cyprus have stuff going on there all the time between cyprus and turkey etc! But hey im going at the end of october... and wont be booking until August or something so I guess we'll see what happens then. And besides.... who knows... what if somebody randomly decides to attack the country i do go to at the last minute just when ive arrived!!! lol.. the possibilities are endless... but i must admit the thought of it is quite scary considering I have never really been out of the country except to Bangladesh.

Im gonna look at honeymoons in Mauritius coz that looks amazing... and i doubt theres military action going on there :s

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