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Sharon's CS daily ramblings

Day One in the Big Mama house.

Started the day with a pint of water (and 7 more over the rest of the day, so a gold star for me!)

Three half-caff coffees with a dessert-spoon of cream (negligible carbs) during the day.

Took kids to school then a 40 minute walk with the dogs, very cold!!!!

10.30am -Breakfast - CS Banana Shake with 250ml water - ok really but didn't do much to fill me at the time. However, to be fair, I didn't feel hungry again until 2pm.

2.30pm Lunch - sea bass fillet sauteed in a little olive oil with celery and red onions, served on a bed of salad leaves - felt very healthy!

4.30 Snack - 80g tinned tuna with a teaspoon of mayo, and cucumber chunks.

7.00pm Dinner (hmm) - CS Vanilla Shake with 250ml water. I took this once more slowly.

And, in a few minutes at 9pm, Snack - 30g hard cheese grated over salad leaves and cucumber, with some pickled onions.

Fairly happy with first day, not hungry anyway!
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Wow, tummum, aren't you doing amazingly well!

After a night with several visits to the bathroom lol, have woken up feeling flu-y, but I guess it could be a detox thing. Undaunted, here goes with a breakfast shake and I've already had 3 pints of water.
(Note to self, must decorate bathroom if spending time there).


Getting there!!!
kewl sharon, looks and sounds tasty! well ive put off starting until saturday as i havent time to do a food shop while working this week! im up to my eyes! so ill reweigh then and start! my sister is starting too :) good luck tomorrow!!


Getting there!!!
Just a quick note to say cs is fab! I just had my first weigh in and 8lbs down! and its easy to stick to.

wow! thats fantastic! :happy096::party0019:whats your starting weight!! im starting cs on sat with my sis! x
Day 2 in the Big Mama house.

All a bit haphazard, but stuck to plan!
Managed water, a bit more coffee today (but it's decaff now).

Breakfast 10.30 - Caramel Shake
Snack 12MD - 30g.cheese with pickled onions
Went to bed for 3hours as tired and headachey.
Snack 4pm - 80g. tinned tuna with 1tsp mayo and cucumber.
Dinner 9pm - cream cheese "appeteasers", followed by lean steak with onions, garlic, red peppers and celery, cooked in a little butter and finished with a splash of cream. Struggled to eat it, tbh!
"Lunch" 11.30pm - had Chocolate shake made with 250ml hot water as a bedtime drink.

I feel less bloated, but I'll do a mid-week weigh-in tomorrow.
Hi Trivenham - glad to see you'll have support from your sister! Full speed ahead tomorrow!


Getting there!!!
Hiya! Celebrity slim is a 2 meal replacement diet where you can have a low carb/gi meal for the third meal plus 3 snacks a day! A girl on the cover of the product has lost 53kg in 12 weeks!!!
Morning, can you tell me what CS is please, I've not heard of it before...
Hi Percy,
Yes, as Trivenam says, you replace 2 meals a day with a Celebrity Slim shake or soup or bar, and the third traditional meal is low carb/low GI (such as chicken and salad, or prawn stir-fry), plus you squeeze in 3 extra snacks (e.g. mushroom with melted cheese). So overall it's a low carb plan, lying between Atkins (where you make most meals) and LighterLife where you replace all meals to begin with.
Hi Trivenam! At the beggining of October I was 12 st 3 lbs and did a week on lipotrim and lost 9lbs, which stayed off. So starting cs I was 11st 8lb. 11st now! im only doing it for 3 weeks to get some weight off for xmas! My mimi goal for xmas was to get under 11st so as i have only got a lb to go I have upped it to try and lose a stone in total.
Day 3 - definitely ill!!!

10.30 Caffe Latte Shake. I was at my mum's and I usually have one of those packet cappucinos, so I beat her to the kettle! Have decided I prefer the hot shakes. We then went to the doctors and then "shopping", which involves breakfast at Morrisons. So after some negotiation with the cafe assistant...
12.30 Snack - 2 fried eggs. It came on 3 pieces of toast but I shoved them to one side, despite that familiar refrain:"Oh Sharon, surely one piece won't hurt you?" Grrrr! And this from a woman thrilled to weigh in that morning at 7st 12lbs ("I've managed to put a bit on").
4.30 - Dinner - Salmon fillet with leek and a mushroom topped with cheese.
8pm Snack - tuna mayo and cucumber (I know, again, but I like it!)
11.30pm "Lunch" - went to bed with CS Roast Chicken Soup. Very tasty!
Eating every few hours, I feel as though I'm eating loads and loads, I wonder if it's too much?
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Well the proof of the shake is in the weigh-in! Only starting Day 4 and I've lost 3lbs!:8855:
I know what you mean about it feels like ur eating too much- I felt the same last week . But step away from the scales missus! WEIGH URSELF AFTER A WEEK N YOU WILL BE SO DELIGHTED!!!!
I know what you mean about it feels like ur eating too much- I felt the same last week . But step away from the scales missus! WEIGH URSELF AFTER A WEEK N YOU WILL BE SO DELIGHTED!!!!

Yes I know I shouldn't have weighed myself - but I was seriously worried that I was overeating! Now I have the opposite problem - I don't really want anything at all!
Ok, Day 4!
Didn't have anything until
2pm Caffe Latte Shake
4pm egg mayo with salad leaves
8pm tuna mayo with salad leaves
There's something very virtuous about eating salad in December! LOL
11pm Chocolate shake (as bedtime hot choc - didn't need it but didn't want to miss 2nd shake).

I know this wasn't brilliant, but I'm just not hungry. I know ketosis does this (I don't know if I'm in ketosis as I haven't tested), but how do you get the balance between "yippee I'm not hungry so I won't eat" and having enough of the right stuff to ward off the body's starvation response? Is it enough to just have a little bit of something, 1 egg maybe or 1 slice of chicken breast? What about veggies? I'm used to using them to fill me up, but what if I'm simply not "empty"?
Days 5 and 6
Not been on cos I've been poorly (ah!) but still on plan! Off to pharmacy today for new supplies, and weigh in tomorrow!

I'll stop posting on this thread now as there's several threads going on CS, but it was useful the first few days, I think (for me if no-one else LOL).
S. x
Aarghs!!!! Slipped up, but...

Oh it was one of those mornings.:( Had to convince children to go to school. Had to then drive over to mum's again as she is poorly, and she was in grumpy mode.:sigh: Had to take her to see the "Chest Nurse", who upset her by saying she should be on oxygen at home (she has COPD) - and probably the first time any of the medical bods have explained to her in no uncertain terms that the illness is progressive and that her stopping smoking 5 years ago just means she is still alive now.:cry:
Went to the pharmacy in her village where they sell CS, bought some supplies but was told they still didn't have scales! :confused:Took her to the Post Office which was packed full (turned out she only wanted a couple of stamps, and I had some in my purse).:mad: Got back to her cottage, lots of rain and puddles and she was struggling physically and emotionally by this stage, so I reversed the car to be as close to her gate as possible...and pranged it on the gatepost.:eek:
Parked up across the drive, assessed the damaged, swore a lot, phoned the body shop, went into her house, where she was wheezing her way to making me an egg butty - 2 doorstops of proper white bread with butter and a lovely deep fried egg. I ate it, of course.:break_diet:
BUT... normally on a diet that would be that, into full self-pity-what's-the-point-of-even -trying-I'll-always-be-fat mindset. But I'm not, I'm back on plan again, with my evening meal of chicken breast and broccoli planned for a little later. So in a way I'm pretty pleased with today.

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