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Sharon's Diary

Hi all,

Thanks again for those of you who replied to my 'cry for help' post today. I feel better and determined to give this plan a few weeks to see where I am...

Have drunk loads of water today and must have lost weight just walking to the loo and back!

Food wise I've had:

Raspberry Oats so simple - 2
skimmed Milk - 0.5

Apple - 0.5

Whole carton of Chicken and Sweetcorn soup - 5.5 (don't even like sweetcorn, what was I thinking? Was nice though!)

Apple - .5

1 Bernard Matthews Turkey escalope - 5
1 Veggie burger - 1.5
1tbs Ketchup - 0
1tbs very low fat mayo - .5

So in total 16 points. I KNOW this is low (I'm on 19 points), but I pigged out yesterday due to being fed-up after weigh in, so pulling back a bit today - will go back to 17-19 points for rest of week!

Look ok??

Thanks for reading all - gotta run to the loo!

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16 points isnt too bad - well done on pulling back after a bad day :) xxx


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Looks good to me, if you have a few points left you could always have a little treat, maybe a curly wurly (im sooo obsessed with chocolate!!) or a rich tea biscuit?

Just one point and I have no clue if im right or wrong...but...I always thought ketchup was 1/2 pt for a teaspoon..or maybe it was a tablespoon...
Hmm..will have a look now :D


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Oh ok, it's around 1/2 pt for 2-3 tablespoons depending on which brand...
To be safe, even if you only had a real small amount, I'd charge the 1/2 pt....Don't know what others would do? x
Hi Nannis - I wondered about the suace points too - but both the ketchup and the very low fat mayo said ZERO points for 1 tbs, so I put down a half point to cover both! Should be ok.

Saving points today, but normally I would have a WW eclair (YUM!) or something :)
Hi all

Ready for another 100% day today, still feeling positive!

Got to go to lunch at Nando's due to someone's birthday at work (selfish of them when I'm trying to be 100%! ;)), but have planned to have the chicken/pitta (5.5) and the rice (2.5) then a smaller dinner. Then will refuse the birthday cake and eat an apple instead, feeling very saintly!

Hope eveyrone else has a good day!


ps - Gotta love them eclairs! :)


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Been to Nandos last week and had pita with chix breast.Was lovely!. Someone on the board told me that it is 7 points, but 5.5 without mayo. Thought you might want to know as it is 1.5 difference!

Enjoy your day
Been to Nandos last week and had pita with chix breast.Was lovely!. Someone on the board told me that it is 7 points, but 5.5 without mayo. Thought you might want to know as it is 1.5 difference!

Enjoy your day
Phew! Saw this just in time (actually Twiggy saw it and phoned me!) so asked for no mayo in the pitta! Would have been gutted if it was 7 points! Thank you!!

Am nice and full now - the chicken Pitta with no mayo was gorgeous - don't need mayo, and the rice was lovley too - all for 8 points! Bargain!
I think WW is one of the easiest diets once you get going. That looks like a good days eating to me. Stick with it. :) Good luck.


Still fighting

Your menu plan looks fine, and glad to see your drinking your water as that defintatly helps especially with bloating as i suffer with that! Hope the scales are kind to you this week x
Thank you all!

Just had the big 'birthday cake' moment - why is it that when you say 'no thank you' they try and force just a teeny bit on you! Grrrr - I know they're only being nice, but it's hard enough saying no the first time! Went and got my apple and ate that, so that shut them up. But God did I want some of that cake!!! ;)



Needs a kick
good luck xx
Ha ha, thanks. Don't you all think that for all the food we refuse we should be given the points for it? Wouldn't that be nice?

Anyway - my menu today ended up being:

Oats so simple/milk - 2.5

Nando's chix pitta no mayo - 5.5
Nando's rice - 2.5


Turkey Escalope -5 (Know i had this yesterday but they're in packs of 3 and I'm a little addicted!)
dressing - 1.5 (tbs of low fat Pizza Express dressing mixed with tbs of Blue Dragon sweet chilli dipping sauce MMmmm)

So total is 17.5. Have got 1.5 left, so may have an eclair if I feel like it later, or might just save them for after weigh in on Weds

Oh - also drank 2lts of water :) AND have started to have 1 cup of green tea a day at work. Oh my god it mings! tastes like dirt/grass. It better be doing me some good! ;)


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