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Sharon's Food Diary

Breakfast - 2 slices hovis seeded bread, scraping of I can't believe it's not butter, tbsp jam 314 Cals 9g fat

Dinner -Morrisons Eat Smart chicken in red wine sauce with Birds eye steam fresh veg 363 Cals 8g fat

Tea -2 slices Hovis seeded bread, thin slice of corned beef, mixed salad leaves 300 cals 8g fat

Snacks - Tesco light choices maple cereal bar 75 cals 1g fat
Penn State sour cream and chive pretzels 30g 123 cals 3g fat
1 banana - 105 cal
Muller strawberry shortcake yoghurt - 154 cal 6g fat

Total Cals - 1434
Total Fat - 35g
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Excellent day babe. You might want to try a bit more fruit and veg to keep you regular.
I could cry quite literally. I added in the banana and yoghurt I had last night which hasn't made that much difference yet this morning I have gained 1.5lbs. I also exercised yesterday. I could understand it if I was close to target but I have 6 stone to lose :(
OMG, what a blow. I dont know what to say. Are the scales accurate? Is it TOTM? Are you bunged up? Any or all of the above can bugger up your weight loss. Please dont console yourself with food, it'll make you feel worse (I used to eat when I was dissappointed - creating a vicious circle). Try to keep positive and keep up the good work doll.
Breakfast - 2 slices hovis seeded bread, scraping of I can't believe it's not butter, tbsp jam 314 Cals 9g fat

Lunch - 2 slices hovis seeded bread, 100g wafer thin chicken, watercress salad 297 cal 6g fat

Dinner - Turkey, steamed carrots and cabbage, dry roast potatoes, gravy 327 cals 3g fat

1 banana 105cal
Muller crunch corner strawberry shortcake yogurt 154 cal 6g fat

Total 1197 cals, 24g fat

Earthmother (sorry don't know your name) thanks for the constructive comments. Yes the scales are accurate, I checked them. Period due next week, that may be a contributory factor as since I had the mirena coil fitted my monthlies have been all over the place. Most definitely not bunged up lol. I am trying not to let it get too me and I am so pleased with myself that I haven't been on a binge. I did miss my wii fit session this morning but I have done 5 dances on just dance on the wii with one of my daughter this afternoon so got the heart going a bit.
Hi welcome to the site, Like you I put 1.5 pounds up on my third week of doing the weight watchers and i was disgusted with myself as i had the same foods as the two week before and I just couldnt explain what happened, if I had broke it that would have been someting (at least I would have known were i went wrong) but I didnt, but i didnt give up and stuck to it and the following week I lost 7 lbs, which I was delighted with, dont give up, keep going and hopefully it will show up next week. and good luck and let us know how you get on next week.


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welcome... and thats such a disheartening thing to happen, but im sure with your postiveness that you are having now then its going to be a-o-k!!!!!

keep up what you are doing. and im sure you will get there.!!
just a couple of other things... are you drinking loads???
and maybe you have gone too low on the cals... and your body has gone into starvation mode... maybe these all could contribute as well as monthlys,

hope you are doing ok now.

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