She Finally Noticed


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Hi Everyone

Hope all are ok. I just had to share this with you all.

I've been home over the weekend and my mum has finally noticed that i've lost weight. I have been on LL for a while and lost 3 and a half stone, however, prior to this I had also lost 2 stone on WW over a 12/13 month period (lost more but put some back on) so all in all I have lost 5 and a half stone over the last 16 months or so and my mum never once commented on this loss. Prior to my starting these diets however she was always saying something about my weight gain until I asked her to, basically "shut up about it".

I visited her over the weekend and firstly as I walked into the room my brother said he thought it was my daughter walking in (we do look a lot alike but she weighs a heck of a lot less). My mum then declared "you've lost loads of weight and look more like you used to". I looked at my other daughter and we both just laughed. She then said that I had lost enough and should stop doing whatever I was doing. Unbelieveable eh! I just ignored this and I will carry on until I reach my goal.
OMG I can't believe she hasn't commented until now and what a comment too!

Mothers eh?
Well done Sugarplum. It's great when people notice....finally LOL!!

I hate it when people say that you shouldn't lose any more. One of my work colleagues said to me only the other night... "I think you look fab now, You don't need to lose much more". I still have about 7 and a half stone to go and asked her if she needed glasses!!! I know she was just trying to be motivational in her own way but it's not always helpful. I suppose compared to what I used to look like I must look a lot different but there is still a long journey ahead.

Well done on your determination to keep going. It takes a lot of will power. Keep going.

Jazzy x
Lol Jazzy, do you work in the same office as me?! Got exactly the same woman! :rolleyes:

Sugarplum, well done you!! Another perspective - perhaps she didn't say anything because she didn't want to mention your weight when it's been a bone of contention in the past?
Wow Sugarplum, you can't win with your Mum can you? I bet you look great! You keep going until you feel happy and comfortable, don't let other people crash your dreams.
and about time too..:)!! You're right to keep going until you get to goal, that way she'll be in even more awe :) Oh and well done on your great achievement:D
Sugarplum, she sounds just like my Mum. In fact, me and the kids have this game where they time her to see how long it takes her to make some comment about my weight LOL

I think the longest she's gone so far is about 35 minutes - I wouldn't mind but she's almost as big as I was & in fact, lots of her clothes that are tight on her were too big for me...

She loves to tell me that I need to eat healthily etc. The kids think this is hilarious as we've always eaten healthily as a family but my mother fries everything and when she cooks her veg she puts a tsp of bicarb and a tsp of salt in every pot

I am planning a visit to her maybe end of this week so we'll see how long it takes her to see that I've lost weight since I last saw her.....
Hi everyone
I have been to a family party over the weekend and have had so many compliments on my weight loss that i thought i was going to have trouble getting my head through the door. I have gone from no one noticing to everyone noticing and it felt great. However, found out that my mum is actually telling people that I have lost too much weight, far too fast, there's just no pleasing some people is there!
I cant believe it took her 5 1/2 stone to notice! :eek: But thats a great comment she made, and to say not to lose anymore must have made you feel great!

But you lose as much as you feel comfortable with! :p
Good luck with your continued determination and take pride in a swelling fact, hold it high! You deserve it.

I like it when men notice I've lost weight as they never notice anything different. My father-in-law thinks I look fantastic and should stop but he's never known the thin me whereas my dad is still encouraging me on my journey. However I had my hair restyled and coloured and, naturally, no comment made. Typical, eh?