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  1. Flab-U-Less

    Flab-U-Less New Member

    I have just completed my 3rd day on Exante and my 2nd day of Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred (30DS) DVD. I thought I would start a diary as this is not my first time on a VLCD (in fact I have been attempting restarts for a while now) and I always wondered how exercising would affect losses.

    This time however I have a holiday coming up in 8 weeks and considering I am miserable in the nice weather we are having here I know it will be worse while away. I can't change the fact that if I had started x weeks ago I could already have lost x pounds, but what I can do is carry on 100% from here!

    Day 1: Was easier than I had anticipated and my willpower carried me through. I've only got shakes so I just have any 3 of them.

    Day 2: I started to worry that I didn't have anywhere near enough time to feel bikini ready and so I dusted off my 30DS DVD.. it was awful! I stopped quite a few times but when it finished I did think "well it's not THAT long at least".

    Day 3: Again 3 shakes and 30DS.. I thought it may have been easier tonight - it wasn't! In fact I think knowing certain bits were coming may have made it harder.. people usually say mind over matter in the sense that they motivate themselves, I'm the opposite.. "Oh, I can't do another set of Jumping Jacks" leads to me jogging on the spot already!!

    Anyway, sorry for rambling.. here's to another 100% day tomorrow!
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  3. bob123

    bob123 Silver Member

    Good luck! Well done for starting again, I think the diary is a massive help! I have the 30DS gathering dust somewhere... May try to hunt it out, dust it off and give it a go!

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  4. Flab-U-Less

    Flab-U-Less New Member

    Thank you! Got up this morning and I ache all over.. It kind of feels good though! Feeling quite lethargic though.. Think I need to increase my water intake. I have a chart with 30 squares on the fridge which I check off when the 100% day and 30DS are complete.. Helps me see that the same as 20 odd minutes is not THAT long neither is 30 days really!
  5. Flab-U-Less

    Flab-U-Less New Member

    So far so good today, usual warm morning shake with extra water and coffee. Lots of water and peppermint tea and my afternoon shake. Went for a walk this afternoon and my aches feel better after it. Can't say I am exactly looking forward to 30DS later but I am hoping to push myself a bit more and not stop so easily.

    I've had some bad news re. a new job and won't be able to start as soon as I had hoped.. so now I am in between jobs which is going to make things tough. But hey, at least I won't be spending money on food!! It also makes me more determined that sticking to this will be the one thing I can make sure goes right!!
  6. Lulu2810

    Lulu2810 Full Member

    Hey there what is 30ds you have intrigued me! Well done for sticking to 100%

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