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Shell09's diary for sanity purposes


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Ok so this is my official restart day! Having lost 7 stone in total I came off cd last year November since then I put on albs straight away and then pretty much stayed at that weight until one month ago

Few personal problems resulted in me being signed off work with stress for 2 months! Within the last month or so I have regained a stone but totally my own fault and I'm still confident that weight lost on cd can and will be kept off permanently if you control yourself in maintenance.

In total I have gained 21lb so the restart is primarily to shift that! I'm confident that weight will be off in no time. My original goal was to be within a healthy bmi which for me starts at 11 stone 4 lb. That's how I come to set that weight as my goal and when I reached it I was happy and a size 12 so all good

Now I have got used to the new smaller me (can't really get into many of my size 12s at the mo though!) I have moved the goal post. Ideally I would like to set a new goal of 9 stone but this totally depends how it looks on me. Maximum I want is 10 stone. All of these options put me in the healthy bmi range! Maybe 9 st 7 lb then hmmmm I wonder

Anyway time will tell! I'm back on ss+ as of today I'm planning to stick to it 100% until end of July so should be 11 full weeks! Wow hoping to see a big difference by then. Going go book a last minute holiday 1st 2 weeks in august so plenty of incentive!

So here I am at day 1 groggy head ache and tires n a little hungry BUT I am hungover too so who knows lol! Atleast the hangover should make day 2 feel that much easier!

Wow what a long old ramble.... I'm planning go keep every detail in this lil diary :) so if ur bored already prob not best to continue reading lol coz as u can see I do waffle on a bit!

So hope everyone is good heres to the new skinny us let's see what happens over the next 11 weeks...... Il have to do progress pics!
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Day 2

Woke up by little one at 3 am and then again at 6 then she was up for good I managed to stay in bed for a few hours while she played in her room thank god!!

No chance of any more sleep though AA she doesn't know how to play quietly!

Woke up with a head ache nothing major but took paracetamol to keep it under control

Had a coffee n first litre of water before my first pack at 12.00. Maple and pecan porridge tastes better today as I put plenty of cinamon in prior to cooking

Bit bored and restless today though don't feel I have much energy to do anything so just going to take it easy

Back to work tomorrow as it's Monday dreading it though as I'm going to have to have my pack much earlier on the morning so worry I'm going to be hungry

We shall see anyway! So all in all not feeling too bad had a few moments of light headedness if I stand up too quick but nothing not to be expected. I just want up get the first week out the way and that first weight loss to motivate me and hopefully for my clothes to start feeling a little more comfy!

That's it For today I think anless anything out of the ordinary happens i'l be back for an update tomorrow
Hi Shell - I'm on day 2 as well, but a first timer! Also doing SS+. Do you have four packs or 3 packs and a the little protein meal? I have 3 packs plus the protein meal.


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Hiya! How r u finding it?

I have 3 and the little meal it's like a mind game as I have a cd porridge for breakfast so tell myself that's a normal breakfast I tell myself I skip lunch n have a protein shake just like somebody doing slim fast or something like that n then I have a normal dinner obviously it's far from a regular normal diet but this is what I tell myself to justify lol I have my final shake in the night some time.

Really feeling it now though still with so much to do ironing school uniforms work clothes washing up etc etc ah please just give me my bed!!

Keep me posted with your progress!!
Not too bad today, yesterday evening by this time was climbing the wall. Had terrible headache and indigestion! I am having the 3 and little meal - similar mindset I think to you. I've been very grumpy today and my two have been playing up and bickering today. Enjoying the peace now. Just trying to drink a little more water...
When is your weigh in?


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WI is Friday afternoon I so cannot wait! It will totally spur me on! Not to mention it's the start if the weekend so obviously cannot wait even more! When's yours??

O god I'm off to get a litre of sparkling water n watch an episode of supersize superskinny for motivation lol


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Day 3

Woke with head ache so paracetamol for breakfast!

Had porridge at 8.00 am as back to work today we shall see how hungry I feel today as I've not been having my first pack until mid day!

Think I'm getting ketosis breath eeewww!!

That's it for now will update later


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So still day three it's 9.30 pm and I'm about to go to bed! That's a record!

Well ketostix say I'm in ketosis but I can go a few more shades darker so think worst is done n it gets easier here on in

Went to work so had 1st shake 4 hours earlier than day 1 and 2 thought that would be a problem but it was actually fine!

I don't even have my little one tonight she's staying at nannys as I had dentist today!

I'm a true dental phobic I mean anti anxiety pills n everything! So I'm very pleased with myself I got through cd3 and dentist no sign of crumbling hands and feet freeeeeeeezin to a rediculous degree. It was already a prob and awaiting hospital referal to see what's going on but when on a diet especially in ketosis it gets so much worse!

Small price to pay though! Scales showing a 6lb loss so fingers crossed it's correct and anything more would be fab! Already can't wait for WI on fri!

Mouths hurting from
Dentist and very tired so off for an early night

Night all xx

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