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ProPoints Shelliewoo's Food Diary

Right, thought I would start my food diary after being on WW for the past week and a half. 6lbs off last week which I was extremely happy with, just hoping for a loss of any sorts this week:

Daily propoints-35
Weeklies remaining-32

BFAST: none

LUNCH: chicken sandwich 6
S&V snack a jacks 3, alpen light bar 2, apple

TEA: Tesco gammon steak 4, 400g jacket 8, 2 eggs fried in fry light 4, tbs BBQ sauce 1, tsp low fat spread 1.

Snack a jacks 3
Milk allowance 2
Chicken and sweetcorn cup a soup 2

Daily used: 35
Weeklies: 31/49
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Going out tonight, last minute decision and I am sure once I've had a few drinks I won't be counting the points! : )
Plan of action for today is:
Breakfast: 2 weetabix (3) WW fromage frais (1)

Lunch: slim a soup (2) 4 crackerbread (4)

Snacks: alpen light bar (2)
S&V snack a jacks (3)
Tea: WW meal (7) with lots of veg

Which will use up 22 points, leaving 13 dailys and 31 weeklies for alcohol ( bad I know but hey ho!)
Well after a major alcoholic binge last night ( followed by chips cheese and curry sauce!) I am back on the wagon this morning! Just hoping I haven't done too much damage for Tuesdays WI! I've cancelled the remainder of my weeklies that I had left as I'm sure I've used them all plus extras, so will just be sticking to my dailies till Tuesday- in fact all week as got a hen do to go to next weekend, so will need to save my weeklies for that.
Managed to resist the hangover munchies today and get back on plan.

Breakfast: 30g special k (3)
Lunch: carrot and coriander soup (4), 4 crackerbread (4), 2tsp low fat spread (1)
Tea: chicken breast (4) 300g new potatoes. (6) 2tsp LFS (1) gravy (1)
Carrots, broccoli, green beans
Supper: 2weetabix (3) WW fromage frais (1)
Snacks: s&v snack a jacks (3)
Alpen light bar (2)
Pear banana
WW fromage frais (1)
Milk allowance skimmed 1/4 pint (1)

Dailys 35/35
Just had a sneaky peek of the scales, and now wishing I hadnt! 1/4lb lost. Hoping it will be a little more tomorrow as I've just weighed and it's evening, and I weigh in officially in the morning. : (
Breakfast: 30g rice crispies (3)
Milk allowance (2)

Lunch: 4 crackerbread (4)
Slim a soup chicken sweetcorn (2)
WW froamge frais (1)

Tea: 450g jacket potato (9)
200g spaghetti hoops (4)
2 tsp LFS (1)

Snacks: apple,pear, banana
S&v snack a jacks (3)
Alpen light bar (2)

Supper: 30g special k (3)
2 slices WW bread (2)
2tsp jam (2)

38/35 oops gone over points because I didn't write dwn my snack a jacks in book! Doh!
WI soon!!! I actually don't feel as though I have lost anything this week, may even have put a bit on. Have stuck to the plan (apart from sat night!) bit it's TOTM so I'm not holding out for much.
Kimboowee said:
Dont feel guilty! I had 39 weeklies in one go last week haha!
I've gotten over my guilt now! lol didn't last long. Is this ur third week now? Have u started exercising yet? Thinking I might have to drag myself to the gym sometime soon!

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