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shells exante diet bye bye weight!!

ok so here i am on day 1 im wondering what i have let myself in for but i am so so excited! im so sick of being the token fat friend! i want to be me again! so i think thats what will get me through this reminding myself of how upset i get when i go shopping with friends and have to go to different shops than them to buy my clothes! i want my husband to have the wife he married! he told me the other day i know he was joking but he said that i was twice the woman he married and the worse part is i know hes right so by god i AM sticking to this! I WILL lose weight! this IS my last diet! so here goes nothing :)
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ok so i've had my breakfast had a banana shake and it was lovely! have also had pint (500ml) water so doing good still got my biggest loser to do but im quite pleased with myself :)


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:happy036:Congrulations on selecting Exante. There are some really inspirational people who have battled all the temptations to lose some serious amounts of weight on here, and you can now be one of them.

If you stick to the Total Solution without cheating and drink plenty of water you'll definitely lose a decent amount of weight this week, and the loss on the first week can be reasonably high. Don't be tempted to get on the scales until the week is up. You'll also keep losing week after week, although it will slow down at times. That's when you need to pull on your internal resources and hopefully also external support from family and friends.

There's an excellent Exante FAQ thread that Rachael aka Cybill wrote, with later contributions from others. I can't find the link right now, but you could ask Cybill. There are also other groups you can join on here that I find motivating to keep me going, e.g. April Weight Loss and April Wii Fit (or other exercise) challenges.

Continuing to lose weight and, just as importantly, maintain that weight loss is down to commitment, willpower and at times, diversionary tactics to stop you wavering. I just tell myself "This is not the last meal I will ever eat, so I don't need to do it now". I also have a weight loss chart on my wii fit plus so I can look at the bigger picture and see just how far I have come when I am tempted with something I shouldn't be eating. Set yourself realistic targets, with deadlines and rewards for mini-goals. Also, take a photo of yourself regularly; preferably once a week and put them in a format where you can flick through them to see how well you are doing. You don't need to share them without anyone, but it is a great motivator further down the line. I also measure my waist, bust, hips and thighs once a month. Even when my weight loss slows down, I can see I am still losing inches. :princess:

Good luck with your weight loss Shell.


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Good luck with your weight loss journey :) xx

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so im doing ok im still not hungry which is a big shock! hubby is gobsmacked he thought that i would be stuffing by now! dont get me wrong my tummys growling good n proper but i just dont feel hungry! i have already drunk 1l water since 8am and i have never ever drunk water before! i actually think this is going to work! i am so pleased! on the up side have just bought some very naughty undies! so need to lose the first two stone by the end of may for my ten year wedding anniversary!


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Congrats on your new start....... you can do this. The first couple of days you will get by on adrenalin cos you've been so excited about actually starting. For me, the real bad bit came on days 4 and 5 so expect it at some point, get through it as best you can and you'll be fine. I look forward to following your progress :)
scratch the last post im having my lunch soup thai which i also like had to have somthing i was thinking about kebabing my socks lol so soup it is lol
Haha loving the naughty undies... You little minx...

I'm bloody starving TBH... Am going to do my shake in a minute. My belly has been rumbling good & proper. & have so far drunk 1.5ltrs... Which for me is huge as like you I'm not a fan of water. I also have a headache but I think that's more to do work than anything else...
Well I had my soup and the belly seems to have settled I'm feeling very jittery and got headache though hubby thinks it's because I have usually had 9 cups of coffee with three sugars in each by now lol so I'm thinking it's partly withdrawals that's causing the symptoms lol
As for the naughty undies when you spend as long as I have wearing over the shoulder boulder holders pretty bras get u very excited!
I've just had my Choc shake & it was "ok" but preferred this mornings banana...

Anyhoo... Glad your tummy has calmed down, hopefully mine will follow once it's realised all its getting is the shake!!!
I too feel a little light headed & tired! Still I have purposely not made any plans for this week so I can get home & just relax, my fella is doing this with me so I don't have to worry about cooking anyone dinner...

I hear ya re the undies... Mine are mostly functional rather than fashionable ?
Oh my undies are functional lol ...... Washing line, catapult, shopping bag, trampoline for the kids the list of what my bras can be used for is endless!
having a had time now think its because its around tea time got awful headache and really bad hunger pains!
My head is thumping too... I'm just on the train on my way home & am going to try to have a nap when I get in... I know it's not possible for everyone to do this but I'll have the cottage to myself for a bit so am going to make the most of it... Normally I'd start to do dinner but as the shakes don't take much preparing I think its best I stay away from the kitchen!!!

Keep at it Shell...


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having a had time now think its because its around tea time got awful headache and really bad hunger pains!

Why not have a cup of bouillon? It's allowed with Exante. I use a teaspoon of Marigold Swiss vegetable low salt bouillon in a cup of boiling water. If you are really hungry at supper time, make up your soup and add a teaspoon of bouillon, a dash of Encona hot pepper sauce or Tabasco and about double the normal amount of boiling water to give you a bigger serving.

If your tummy is still rumbling, you can have a can of Coke Zero or Dr Pepper Zero (but not Pepsi Zero or other diet cokes because they contain citric acid).

The first week is the worst because it takes a few days for Ketosis to kick in. That usually stops the hunger pangs to some degree. Drinking loads of water also helps.
Thank you so much guys I honestly wouldn't be able to do this without you! I know it sounds strange but now I've been told I can have an egg or an extra pack or the boullion I don't feel so hungry! I think it was the thought that I couldnt eat that was getting to me!
Hang in there hun, you are doing really well...have some coffee or more water of a dr pepper zero...anything to get you through, it will be worth it in the end!!..x

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