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Shez Xenical Diary 2010

Hello all.
Here goes.......... a little about myself;
Been struggling with my weight for many years and like many of you have tried almost every diet going. Went to see my doctor yesterday to ask about weightloss surgery. He said that I should try Xenical before going down such an extreme route. So here I am! I have been reading diaries on here and I can see how you have help each other so I thought I would give it a go.

Food intake so far;

1 weetabix and a cup of coffee
1 clementine
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starting again!

Good luck on your journey, I'm sure you'll find this forum great, its nice and supportive.

The Xenical is good too, seems to be keeping me right on track.
Welcome and bien fortuna from me too. Keep posting, thats the answer.
Thank you for your words of encouragement. You are both doing really well.

Food intake so far;
Day 1

1 weetabix and a cup of coffee
1 clementine

2 pouched eggs on toast lightly buttered with lurpak light
Day 1

1 weetabix and a cup of coffee
2 clementine

2 pouched eggs on toast lightly buttered with lurpak light
1 cup of coffee
1 Co-op Sushi Pack + 4 fat chips
1 Gin/slimline tonic

KB thanks for your message. Yes I am only one week behind you so we can keep an eye on each other. My doctor said I must keep a food diary and so far I think together with the pills I am more conscious of what goes past my lips.

Food intake so far;
Day 2

1 deli wrap with bake beans
1 go ahead yogurt break
Low fat chicken korma with rice and veg
2 cups of coffee

Today, so far so good. Did have a little orange colour in my stool today, probably from the 4 chips I stole from my daughters plate last night. At least I now know that the pills are working.
Are you measuring your gin? Sorry to be a pain but its dead easy to give yourself about 3 times the pub measure when pouring at home.
Hi Earthmother. Thanks for looking out for me. Yes I have been using less then a put measure for the last few days due to the fact the bottle was nearly empty. The bottle's finished now and I will not be having anymore until next weekend.


starting again!
Are you finding it helps keeping a diary? I find that it makes me monitor even more what I'm eating which is good.

Are you doing much exercise? Like someone else has said I don't enjoy but am starting to see it as a means to an end.

Hope you have a great day.
Hi Becca. Yes the food diary keeps me focused on what I am putting in my mouth. It's so easy to slip something in without your brain even registering it. Yesterday I nearly wrote that I had 1 pkt of french fries when infact I had two pkts. Years of bad eating habbits will not be broken in a few days so I will keep working at it until it becomes second nature.
Although I have not started excerising I have had so much energy since starting this diet, I have be cleaning the house from top to bottom. The only time I sat down yesterday was to look at posts on here. I will start on my cross trainer soon.....Promise!


starting again!
You sound like you're very focused which is great and should keep you motivated! Well done in being honest in your diary, it means that you can see how you improve too.

You're more than welcome to pop round to mine to do some cleaning!! I'm having a nightmare, I'm working more, still looking after my daughter, trying to exercise and cook, and the housework is coming very last, although I have just hoovered which is good.

You should start on your cross traininer today, if you can just to 10 minutes that would be a great start for each day. I used to enjoy the cross trainer when I went to the gym years ago, at least if you use it at home you could watch some on the tv which will distract you for how long you're actually on it for.

Hope you have a great day today!


Gold Member
Hi and welcome.. (sorry bit late i know)

you sound all so positve and happy which is fabbo.. and i hope you are getting on with the tablets ok....

just something that i noticed and i didnt know about until i read up on here about them is Eggs... you have to be careful on them... they are really high in fat.... i wont eat them now.....

just food for thought... but if you seem to be getting on ok with them and your not having the oil. then i think you should be fine... but i was really shocked on how much is in them... (mainly the yoke)
Hi Kes. Thanks for the information on eggs. I had a boiled one for breakfast this morning and 2 poached on my first day on xenical. So far no real problems apart from my tummy gurling. I see you are on slimfast, does it help with controling your food intake?

Hi Becca, I managed 10mins on my cross trainer, first time on it in 2 years and all thanks to you!!!

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