Shhhhhh!!! Can you keep a secret lol?


Got a life thank you!
My brother lives in Canada and whilst we are very close and speak on MSN most days he always opens with "Hi Fattie" (he is slim, good lucking and athletic) - it honestly doesn't bother me, it is just part of our banter, I quite often start with hey pratt or worse!

Anyway, after today's "hey fattie" he asked how the diet was doing so I just sent him my "thin" picture from see yourself slimmer!

ROFL he just kept saying things like bloody hell I can't get over that, and lots of expletives - he is still pinging me now about it!

I have sworn my mum and dad to secrecy and they are quite happy to go along with it because of the way he speaks to me!
LOL! That's one up for you eh :D
LMAO you go girl!
That is the best ever!