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Shin splints


Says it as it is!!!
Hi guys,
I have been training for my RFL in june; however i have recently been getting really bad shin splints when i am running...is there any way i can stop them .....I am NOT walking the race...i really really realy want to run it ...but these really hurt!
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cant help you hun but I am so jealous - I have always wanted to be able to go running, just cant do it tho. Have tried lots of times :(


Says it as it is!!!
I used to love it .....then i hated it as i became bigger ...but now it hurts :( gutted ..but i am soooo determind to do it
Daisy ...have you tried it on a treadmill ....funnily enough its easier!
Shame i can't do the race at the gym lmao
Don't know the answer I'm afraid hun, expect to rest. I've had the same before, that's what tap dancing at 14st does to ya and by heck they hurt!



on the up lol
lol i have a treadmill at home ,,,, my new toy , i get pains in legs to i just try n take it easy ........... build up to it and try warm up a lil more see if that helps


Says it as it is!!!
mmm rest isnt an option tho only have a few weeks left :(


Says it as it is!!!
mmmm maybe i need to buy new trainers...spending money always helps lol


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Shin splints are what put me off running, I tried when I was bigger a few years ago and ended up in agony with my ankles and shins and had to take anti-inflammatory's , however yesterday morning when I was going for my weigh-in I ran for the bus (i don't drive) Gobsmacked or what, I didn't even get out of breath or break into a sweat, I might just have to give jogging a go.
Nic go and see your GP and get some advice. xx


on the up lol
i did rfl few years bk...... i walked was to hot to run not that i could all way lol, just dont over do it though , i seen a few people drop on way round , new trainers may help ......... its good to spend money lol
Hi Nic, did my rfl yesterday, know what you mean about shin splints they are agony. A couple of tips that helped me, Rest for 3 days I know its not what you want to hear but you will really feel the difference, take ibuprofen before the race it will keep the pain and swelling down, build your running up gradually each run should be no more than 10% harder or longer than the previous and invest in some proper trainers. I got mine from HE RUNS SHE RUNS, I was in there about 45 mins but my trainers are fantastic although they cost me about £80 (never mind). Hope this helps, only know all this cos my o/h did london marathon this year and spent months trying to get me to train!!


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there's a really good shop in the triangle in manchester (upstairs) that my bro goes to, they test your gait with a running machine and computer and then tell you the best trainers to buy, they are really helpful. why not give them a try


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Hey Nic, I had the same pains in my shins when I started back in the gym, I guess the muslce wasn't used to all the work, I started to stretch these muscles and had a few days rest and went for it again. Dont over do it as those muscles probably used to such activity. It will get easier but will take few days. Make sure you stretch those muscles!

Also when you get back to the comfort of your home and you are relaxing for the night, rub deep heat into the muscle around the shin. Such relief :D


Says it as it is!!!
Thanks guys will have a look at the shops and take your advice re the build up etc and the rest...if i have to ...wierd i used to be such a good runner ...gutted :(

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