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I've got a horrible pain down my shins. I walked through it at the gym. It's only on my right leg. How do I get rid of the pain, it's only when I walk but I don't want to stop walking. I'm also guessing I'm running in an uneven way if only one leg is affected :(

Anyone else have a similar problem? Or a solution?

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My fella had this. The answer was buy better trainers and to use frozen peas on the shins when the pain came. He also had to lay off the exercise for a while to let the legs recover.
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you can get inserts for your runners,,you might have flat feet,,thats what my friend had!! i know if i start off walking too fast i get them and have to come home with the pain of it:(


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Thanks coley, I've ordered new trainers which should be better. My old ones were a bit worn on the inside. I've ordered proper (although cheap) running socks in case that's making a difference. Yummymummy, you might be right about the flat feet because it would explain why I'm getting a blister in the arch of my (right) foot. I would have that shouldn't touch the ground/shoe to get a blister, but if my feet are a bit flat, then it makes sense. I'll ask the doc next time I'm in, as I know my dad got referred to a podiatrist from the doc, and the podiatrist gave him inserts to suit his flat feet.

Thanks both,
V :)
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hi there

Ive just (literally this evening) been told I have shin splints, caused by straining / tearing the ligament beside my shin. I have slightly flat feet (gee how attractive) so I've been told. I saw the physio this evening and he started some ultra sound treatment to help speed up the healing process. I also now have my shin taped up to give it some support for the next couple of days. Next week I'll have more ultra sound plus deep massage (Ow!). Will take about over month of treatment, during which no running or hopping or jumping and only when its treated can we begin address the flat foot issue.

If you think you have shin splints please go see a physio and get it fixed. I left mine for months and tried to train on top of it - really made it much worse and impacting on the ligaments too

I can still do weights, squats, swimming / aqua aerobics and power plates so at least I am not suddenly having to stop exercising now Ive caught the bug.

let me know how it goes with you



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Thanks for the advice katotonic, I think I will see the doc in the next couple of weeks. Will report back. Hope you're almost there with recovery so you can get back to your usual activities

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I feel like i have this! I have had for the last two weeks, it seems to get better then half way through one of my exercise dvd's it hurts like hell but I can push through it, maybe that's not the best idea, I have a doctors appointment tomorrow about it though. Although I am scared he will tell me to stop exercising, as I am beginning to enjoy exercise more :(
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if you have flat feet you more prone to shin splints as when your running leanin foward abit like nose over knees try and keep ur back straight and use your arms while running to keep correct posture plus it will work your core more as for trainers people with flat feet or a low arch on there foot should wear low arched shoes hope this helps :)


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Your GP can refer you for corrective insoles to the local hospital. You should be assessed and have insoles either made specially for you, or if the problem isn't too bad have some pre made ones sometimes with a heel wedge. I go every 2 years.