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Shivie ...


Determined to succeed ...
Awww you are soooo nice :D xx I wonder how she did too :)


On a mission!
Teddy you're such a sweetheart! What we would do without you here I really don't know!
Everything went without a hitch, thank you. As UK lady advised at her family reunion...make your plan in advance and then you know what you have to do. If you stick to it rigidly and leave absolutely no room for the possibility of going astray, you'll be fine! I stuck to protein & non-starchy stuff. No side-orders & a pot of camomile tea instead of dessert! Oh and no alcohol of course! :cry:
Still can't quite believe I weighed-in 4lbs lighter today :scale:
I hope all's going well for you on your re-feed. I actually sent you a private msg a few days ago, hope it sent!
Keep me posted hunnybun.
Tonnes of hugs to ya x

x S
Shivie, that's amazing that you lost another 4lbs!! I'm so glad my family reunion experience helped in some way. I have come to the conclusion that it's alright KNOWING what you should do... it's what you DO that really counts :D I'm so glad you were able to make the right choices to keep losing! (We want pics of you in October in that bridesmaid's dress please!) x


On a mission!
Thanks Linda! Many congrats on your zapping another 3 whole pounds of fat off your bod!!
And yes the example you set spurred me on to DO what I KNEW I and make the sensible choices!
Also thinking of Deezer's night out with her Dad last Sunday helped me resist the old vino and still have a good time!!
Although my hands were slightly shaky holding a menu (strange I know!), it was kinda nice to have a glimpse into the not-so-distant future "real" re-feed and see how I will be making decisions from now on. If that makes sense!

Stay winning hunnybun!

x S
brilliant weight loss and its really good to know we dont have to stop our lives completly for the diet :)


On a mission!
Thanks Meggyjill and welcome to Lipotrim World!
Have you done it before or are you new to total food replacement? Oh and congrats on your mega 21lb loss to date!

x S
Hi Shivie, i did the diet earlier on in the year and lost 3 stone in a few weeks but as u can see i have put half of it back on with going on holiday and birthdays and general summer things :-( but i am back to do it till christmas now hopefully with no excuses for coming off it lol. i am only on day 3 and feel its such a long way to go and feeling terrible with headaches, dizzyness and feeling sick but good thing is i know it will pass in a few days although the dizzyness always stays with me slightly. looks like there is really good support on here again which is brill because it is what helped me through many times last time :)
Jill x


On a mission!
Hi Meggyjill, yes the first week is the hardest as you know from doing this before. But the time will start to fly by and the pounds will melt away. You'll be right back to being on target for your goal in no time!
I can't believe I'm on day 23 already!
Log onto this forum every day if you possibly can...I know for sure I'd be lost without all the positivity and support of people on the same journey. It's what's gotten me this far and 16lbs lighter!
Looking forward to seeing your 1st weigh-in result!!

x S
can't wait till i am on day 23 again :) will be on most days again as it defo helped me through last time and i am sure you and everyone else will help me again, and hope i can help everone as well x
We're right behind ya sweetie x

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