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Shocked at her reaction...


Going for Goal!
I went on a bit of mad one texting family and close friends, that I managed to fit in some size 16 jeans! :D:D:D

My Aunt promptly texted back "Size 16? You still look a lot bigger than that Em. I'm a size 16 in jeans myself, and without being rude, I'm far from your size."

Cheeky sod, I thought.

I soon let her know though, they aren't elasticated and I even double checked, and yep they are definately a size 16. :D

It's funny though, when I hold them up and look at them I think, "no way will they fit" But they do! YAY!!! :D:D:D

I think tbh, because I have been so big most of my life, even if I do loose weight, I guess people will never enjoy being the same size as me. Well tough sh** to them I say. ;)

Can't wait to text my Aunt when I'm in a size 14! I might even give her my 16 jeans when they no longer fit - should go down well :p LMAO

Hugs x x x
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OMG! Don't want to step out of line here but have you considered telling her to b*gger off??? That is quite frankly the rudest thing I have ever heard! Where does she get off, saying that to you??
Love your plan to give her the jeans when they are too big tho - as they say, success is the best form of revenge!



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Definately hand her down the jeans it is now a matter of principle. This post really made me laugh, in the nicest supportive way of course.

Has she just not seen you for a while?

Though have to say, if someone said that to me they would be disowned!


Going for Goal!
She saw me last week, and was one of many who commented on my weight loss!

I think it is a bit disbelieving - my top is an 18, and bottoms now 16 - but I certainly didn't expect it from a supportive family member.

I don't mind though really, i've felt better than i have in years. Normally I'd have taken a comment like that, stuffed my face, cried and been depressed for weeks. Now though, I'm just desperate to see her again and show off the label.

In a way it has spurred me on to get to size 14 and kindly hand over my 'reject size 16's' lol
Me thinks someones a bit jelli :D

Your aunt obviously wants to be a size 'alot smaller' so putting you down to make herself feel better

Ignore ignore ignore her
By the way...she is so clearly jealous!! You have obviously stepped out of the role she has you pegged in and messed up her status quo. When you give her the jeans, please do it in front of an audience! (Maybe hire a microphone, lol!) x
Emma, you need to change your info, btw! It's not showing your losses! x
How those words ring in my ear's.. over the years to some friends and family I have either been too thin or too fat.

several years ago I lost five stone and used to go out on the razzle.. one night I met some friends who brought along a few of their friends.. one of them said to me "oh look at you, ya b***h.. god you look better than us.. yeah well you've got to stay that way yet" from that moment I never celebrated by new slimness and bit by bit the weight increased.

Now a few years older and wiser this time it's for me and if people can't be happy for me they can bog off!! :D

This is abit naughty but when they are too big for you, txt her and ask if she would like a spare pair of size 16 jeans as you would hate to throw them out... :p


Going for Goal!
Ha ha, yep I may just do that. Wait for the next family event!

A few people have said she is jealous too, but that alone is upsetting, I wanted my family to be pleased for me and proud of all this hard work. But hey ho. Ya win some, Ya loose some!
Ha ha, yep I may just do that. Wait for the next family event!

A few people have said she is jealous too, but that alone is upsetting, I wanted my family to be pleased for me and proud of all this hard work. But hey ho. Ya win some, Ya loose some!
People are strange - we all walk round with out little hang ups and sometimes it can be hard to celebrate the success of other people. x


WILL be Slim!
and your signature hun! Your goals are showing Get back into a size 18 as not being ticked off hun....let alone the size 16 one! ;) :D

Tell her firmly to sod off hun...but possibly less polite! Cheeky cow!
I think i would physically floor someone for being so openly rude and disrespectful!
how on earth is she to know what size clothes you "should" or "shouldnt" be in?
Tell you what, while your asking her if she wants to 16 jeans, ask her if she thinks the 14's that your getting rid of might be too small for her??????
Becuase ITS GONNA HAPPEN!!!!! :D
You just get this in general though

Before i stopped smoking i was slim and would yo-yo between a size 10 and 12 people (my mum & neighbour in general) would say 'ohh dont you think your slim enough now' really fecked me off being honest

Think people like you being fat... they do!

Safe for them isnt it
What a cheeky mare!!! When you're in your size 14's, I'd buy a pair of size 18's jeans and give them to her saying that you saw them and thought they'd be a better fit for her!!! You stay strong and don't let petty jealousy ruin your positivity! Its her problem and she needs to build a bridge and get over it!!!!!!! (thats my saying of the month - I use it at EVERY opportunity!!!!!!)


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Sounds like you're doing a wonderful job Emma! Congrats!

I think it's a shame when friends and family can't simply be pleased.. I have a couple of friends who can't handle my weight loss at all.. and I'm dreading what a nightmare they're going to be when I'm near goal.. they're bad enough at the moment.. the tiniest thing, like a cold or period pains, and they start saying it's 'because I'm not eating properly and I should know better'.. clearly jealous/uncomfortable with the positive changes I'm making in my life..

but, you know, I like what you said about how it would have made you depressed once upon a time.. yes, it's a shame when people are bitter and not pleased with good things, but it's clearly their stuff, and importantly.. it's spurring you on, rather than stopping you! Great! Go Girl! You're doing brilliantly.. I know it's a shame she's not supportive, but she'll come to terms with it eventually..

You might just inspire her once she gets over herself :)



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Oh Emma I have an aunt like that - ae we related ? Everything has to be about HER and never anyone else !

She should be pleased for you, sounds like the green eyed monster....I am presuming you are years younger too !


Going for Goal!
Yeah exactly!

She is that exact way though, it's funny you said it - hit the nail on the head! Everything is always about her. She doesn't often compliment anyone, but expects to be complimented herself.

But for me, it's people like that who give me great joy in loosing more and having the pleasure of showing off!

Christmas time this year, (me and hubby take it in turns, his parents one year, mine the next) It's a whole family event going out for Christmas lunch, I'm already keeping my beady eye out for that perfect outfit to wow everyone. For once it'll be nice to feel 'in place' with everyone else, instead of the fat one hiding behind baggy cardigans in the corner!

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