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Shoes foods :-)


A happy downward spiral
Today so far ...
Weetabix x2 HEB 250ml semi skimmed milk HEA
Spice sensation cous cous - 1.5 syn
Sardines in tomato sauce
Muller light
Dinner no clue !! Suggestions welcome :) hope everyone is having a good day :)
Hi there. Are you doing Extra Easy?
You may need to up the amount of superfree you are eating if you are as it should be a 1/3!

There are tons of recipes on here that are great to try. I mostly make stuff on Sundays and freeze it then I can just pull it out during the week and be lazy.
Fantastic! haha
Good luck!
Todays offerings :)
Breakfast wholemeal roll WEB
poached egg

Lunch jacket potato
Prawns with home made sauce (1 tbsp extra light mayo 1tsp tomato ketchup squeeze lemon juice ) 1.5 syns
Mountain of lettuce :)
2 satsumas

Dinner either beef hotpot or spaghetti bolognaise nit yet decided

Muller light
Reeeeaaaaallllllyyyyy craving a chocolate biscuit had an apple and can of diet coke to see if it subsides but that was an hour ago and not happened so far .. Will give it till 4pm ( working till 6) and if still really want one will have one with cup of t 6 syns though :-(
Feeling really awful today fat n frumpy :-( can someone let me know if I'm eating the right way for extra easy ?

2 weetabix HEB 350ml skimmed milk HEA (using this for tea and coffee also)

Tomato n herb pasta n sauce
350g pack of melon and grape from tesco

3 quorn sausages
baked beans
muller light

2 finger kit kat 5.5 syn

I feel like I'm eating a mountain of food everyday not got weighin until Tuesday and hubby taking me for a Chinese tomorrow for date night. ...
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Never gets tired of SW!
Looking good Shoesy!!! As long as you get plenty of superfree in (which it looks like you are!), utilise your syns (but not exceed them over the week) and include your HEXs you can't go far wrong !!!XXXX


Never gets tired of SW!
shoeahollic said:
Thanks fun curls I just can't get my head around being able to eat so much food !
I know, it is quite strange as it defies what we've always been told about 'dieting'! It takes a while to trust the plan until you really see the losses stacking up! I'm sure my portion sizes have slowed things down for me at times, hence taking me 2 years to reach Target, but hey, at least I've had a life and never ever felt deprived and as a result feel that I can keep this way of eating up for life! I'm sure things will continue to fluctuate by a few lbs here and there but I think that's quite normal anyway! (says she doing some cutting back this week to get back towards Target again lol) x
I think slow and steady is the best way hoping for 1lb a week so anything else will be a bonus do you really not have to limit pasta and rice to a certain amount just until you feel satisfied ?? I'm going out for a Chinese tomorrow with the hubby any suggestions ??


Never gets tired of SW!
I think slow and steady is the best way hoping for 1lb a week so anything else will be a bonus do you really not have to limit pasta and rice to a certain amount just until you feel satisfied ?? I'm going out for a Chinese tomorrow with the hubby any suggestions ??
I think you have to be cautious with pasta and rice as it's soooo easy to overdo it- this is why on extra easy it's advised that we have 1/3 of our meals superfree which is basically your portion control! In the Chinese, beef dishes are good (NOT crispy beef lol)- so beef in black bean sauce, beef with mushrooms, chicken & mushrooms, chicken in black bean sauce, chicken chop suey with noodles, chicken in oyster sauce, ginger & garlic prawns with noodles, chow mein dishes. Enjoy X
Sooo today will be

2 weetabix HEB
Skimmed milk from allowance HEA

Homemade minestrone soup
Fruit salad ( tesco prepack)

Home made chicken tikka masala (sw recipe )
Boiled rice

Hoping for a really good week this week no meals out planned :)
funcurls said:
Hey sweetcheeks, just thought I'd mosey on over and say hi!! Where is your food diary young lady?!!!!XXX
Keep forgetting to put it on

Today I had
Naughty white bread n nutella for bfast

Pasta carbonara grapes for lunch

Haven't decided on dinner yet though having an awful day stomach cramps and workmen don't mix !!
Breakfast weetabix heb skimmed milk hea
Banana 1tsp sugar. 1 syn

Cheese n broccoli pasta n sauce extra broccoli , apple

Muller light lemon cheesecake 1 syn


Quorn sausage x 2 sw chips peas. 2 syn

Hopeful to have a better day today back at work so back to routine stomach still really sore though :(
Breakfast oats so simple original with half milk half water apple cup coffee (100ml milk) hea heb

Cous Cous with veg and chickpeas roasted in 1tbsp garlic oil (3 servings made) 2syn


Chicken chasseur (from sw mag)
Hartleys sugar free jelly 1/2 syn

Ryvita minis (are these synd ) ?????
Melon and grapes
Mullerlight toffee

Baxters chicken broth
Whole meal granary roll

Meatloaf with onion gravy
Auntbessie mash
Sugar free jelly

Cups of tea with milk m sweetener

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