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Shortage of Choc Velvet Tetras

Fraid so we have been limited to 2 trays per counsellor. Hopefully stocks will be in next week but that is not guaranteed:( It will be a matter of checking each day.

Banana Bliss is still in stock.


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Crikey I hope they get it sorted .... I only have choc tetras and Im visiting my cdc this weekend for a months supply?

Mrs V

Loves Life!

:gen147: Not the Choc Velvet Tetras!!!!

I love these - but then again....I really like the choc orange sachets too! :D


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oh noooo
thats horrid news
my evening treat each day is a choc tetra
oh well maybe it will force me to be adventurous and try the 'nana!
Urgh, i hate banana flavoured things. It's the real thing or nothing.
I dont think i'd survive without my choc tetras :'(

keep us updated xxx
Remember it depends on your CDC if you placed your order earlier in the week your supplies may be there. Its only from today that we have been restricted. Some CDC's hold a larger stock but be prepared for maybe having to have some powder shakes until the situation is back to normal.

For those who do not know the Chocolate Velvet and Banana Bliss are the only two diet products that are not made at Corby they are shipped in from Denmark. Orders have to be placed well in advanced with the Danish supplier.

As a rule there is always plenty, however, sales are huge at the moment so we are running short ahead of the next delivery.

I am at Corby all day tomorrow so hopefully I will get an anticipated date of delivery.

Anyone fancy a trip to denmark?


i love minimins me :)
haha after readin this thread, there is no suprise they r running low, cos were all in a state of shock of the thought of usin packs lol

Time for a bit of adventure we do have all these (its full list so CV is still there but you can't have it):

Milkshakes 9 flavours

Chocolate (also in lactose free)
Chocolate Orange (lactose free)
Chocolate Mint
Toffee and Walnut
Cappuccino (lactose free)
Vanilla (also in lactose free)
Fruits of the Forest

Soups 6 flavours
Chicken and Mushroom
Mushroom (lactose free)

Spicy Tomato
Oriental Chilli
Broccoli and Cheese
Bars 6 flavours
Malt Toffee - covered in milk choc
Caramel - covered in milk choc
Chocolate - covered in milk choc
Orange - covered in plain choc

Peanut Crunch – milk chocolate
Cranberry Crunch – milk chocolate
Ready made cartons come in two flavours
Chocolate Velvet
Banana Bliss

Mushroom Pasta
Water flavours 3 flavours
Summer Berries
Sunshine Orange
Savoury Vegetable
Mousse mix
Fibre 89
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Now there is a list of yummyness if I ever saw one!!
I keep trying the shakes but my blender must be rubbish coz they always come out lumpy! So until i can afford to buy nice new fab blender i will have to stick to tetras! I think i should be ok as i order mine about 5 days in advance and pick up 2moro! But the banana one is ok as well i find--like thos banana chewy sweets u used to get!
Hi Lisa, have you tried a hand blender if the shakes are too lumpy?

If you have a Tesco's near you, I bought one the other day for £3.96 and it's great!!!
No lumps that's for sure!!!

I don't like the banana tetra brick - tastes too strong for me, but I do like the banana milk shake!

When I make the shakes up I put a few ice cubes in a jug, add the water, then pour the powder on top, whizz it with the hand blender until all the crunching noise of the ice stops, pour into a glass (or two) and enjoy!

I think it tastes so much better than just mixing it up without ice. It seems to make it thicker and it's like a really nice smooth cold thick shake. Have you tried it this way? If not it might be worth a try.

I hated the shakes when I made them up with just water and the powder. I can't believe the difference when I make them up this way they are gorgeous!

Hope that helps a bit


PS: I do this with soups too, not the ice obviously, but I put just boiled water in first, add powder, whizz with blender till smooth.
I bought a 'Coffee Magic' mug from ebay for making up shakes when I am on the road. I now use it all the time for soups and hot shakes at home (I use my smoothie maker for the cold ones).

It gets everything lump free and once you've made your soup/shake in it you can keep whizzing it up to keep it stirred and thick - I love it - best fiver I spent!

I've just found an even cheaper one - £3.75 including delivery

I'm not sure how to post a link - I hope this works.
I have one of them too and i use it for everything - hot or cold!!! I'm a poor little student so £4 was a brilliant investment!!

Good tip though, ALWAYS add the powder to the water, and if you have them mugs them add the powder to the whirling water - no lumps!!! xxxx


I don't like the banana tetra brick - tastes too strong for me, but I do like the banana milk shake!
If the Banana tetratastes too strong have you tried adding a bit of water to it? Just as smooth but more subtle. Even better with a hint of ground cinnamon

I keep trying the shakes but my blender must be rubbish coz they always come out lumpy! !
My impression is that the lactose free shakes mix up quite a lot easier by hand than the normal ones & they taste & cost the same.
Cappuccino & choc orange come only as Lactose free (ie soya based)
Vanilla & choc come in both lactose free & normal. Just ask your CDC.

PS I was told this AM Choc tetra SHOULD (but no guarentees) be in the warehouse on weds.

PPS has anyone tried the new mushroom pasta yet? Bravely ordered a coupl eof boxes today, then thought 'cripes! if its really horrid it'll be an expensive way to feed the dogs'

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