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Should I be annoyed? + some pics.


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So, it was my sons christening on Sunday and we had a fantastic day. I know it was his day but I was just hoping that more compliments specifically on my weight loss would come from my friends. I mean 4 stone, surely they noticed! I was upbeat the evening of the Christening but got a bit upset about it on Tues and ended up eating thinking 'whats the point?' and 'how much exactly do I have to loose to get some comments from them?'

Then with my sensible head on on Weds I knew that Id got myself in a bit of a state and that Im doing this for me and not for them! still a bit peed off though!

The pics are pre CD and the outfit that I wore to the Christening.
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OMG the difference is MEGA noticable. There clearly jealous. You stick to this diet your looking super dooper gorge.
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jealousy hun... ignore it!

keep up the fab work x


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OMG how could anyone NOT notice!!! You look amazing and there is SUCH a difference! Maybe a couple of reasons a) jealously or b) maybe they thought you wouldn't want them banging on about how amazing you looked on your little one's day !?! xx
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you look amazing!! Can I also say that your skin is glowing! Chin up and agree with the jealousy thing as not many mums look as good as you for their baby's christening!


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I agree! The difference is so obvious! Don't let it get you down, sometimes people just don't know whether to comment or not. You can definitely see the difference, you look lovely x


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The difference is amazing! Your face for one is noticeably slimmer, so is the body. You also look much healthier I must say!
You've done such a great job loosing all that weight!
And do not bother about it hun, people have SO many reasons for not saying anything. (Because people are weird in general. Rofl.)


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My God they must be blind, you look like a different person !!!!!!!!!!!

Remember this is for YOU not them ! You look amazing !


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I think some people are embarrassed about talking about someone's weight, even if it's to say nice things. Other people just don't really make compliments very often maybe because they're shy.
Then there are people who are jealous!

You look absolutely fantastic and that's all that matters. Well done on your loss and hope you had a nice day otherwise.
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You look stunning, there is no way that nobody noticed, either through jealousy or something else they decided not to comment. I must say that someone once spoke to my friend and asked if I was okay as I had lost a lot of weight, she told this person not to tell her but to tell me as I would be thrilled, you know what? She never did tell me.... probably because she is a LL counsellor and didn't like it that I had lost on a different diet.


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you look great honey and some people just feel strange pointing it out as they don't want to offend


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Hardly anything can be added to whats already been said. Don't be so hard on yourself, people are wierd.The people that matter most to you and know you best will support you, as will everyone here, but we all understand how annoying that is, no matter how hard you try to ignore it. You look amazing in those pics, you look 'normal', (without wanting to offend), someone i would see in the street and think 'she's pretty, i like her shape', and want to be like. (ok, i am making myself sound wierd here, don't tell me you don't all do it though!!) You no way look like 189lbs! Keep up the good work, you son will be proud of his yummy mummy! xx


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there is absolutely no doubt what so ever!!! that you look even the slightest bit the same as you did before and like others said i would ignore it.. xx


100% all the way!
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There is no way, no one would not notice. Massive difference! xx


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Blimey, you can really see the difference hun!

Do you see your friends regularly though? If they've seen you fairly recently, they may not notice as much, either that or they didn't feel it was appropriate as it was your little ones special day.

Chin up, you're doing fab!


Shut up Ethel
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Ah, they're just jealous! There's SUCH a difference in your pics, you look amazing!
You look awesome. People are generally so worried about how they look, they don't even notice how everyone else is. Perhaps it was because there was a lot of people around, and seeing friends one-on-one they would be more likely to comment. So long as you feel half as good as you look, you've nothing to worry about!

I'm impressed you didn't call them out on it though. If I'd lost 4 stone I'd be going up to people and telling them 'Hey how are you? Guess what, I've lost 4 stone!' to FORCE them to comment ;) I guess you're more demure teehee
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You look absolutely beautiful and amazing. Well done on your weight loss.
When I first lost weight with lighter life, some people found it difficult to approach me. I am a lecturer and some students said afterwards that they thought I was dying!! Therefore don't take it personally, for some it may be that they are jealous of your success, for others it may be because they are concerned about you.
Rosie xx


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You look fab and the difference is blatantly obvious! As everyone has already said, some people are embarrassed about mentioning someone's weight loss - maybe they aren't sure if you'd be comfortable with them saying it in a public setting?

I've been on CD for 10 weeks now and just this week I had someone come up to me quietly, with a really apologetic look on their face and ask if I'd been intentionally losing weight as they thought maybe I had been ill or something and that was why I was so much smaller. Bless them!

And of course there are the other people who are so insecure in themselves that they can't stand other people losing weight for fear that they will look better than them. There's nowt as queer as folk, but hang in there. These two pictures clearly show that the diet is working for you and you'll be at your goal in no time.

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