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Should I be getting more from my CDC?

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Given I've only meet my CDC twice but the first meeting we had she got me to fill out the form, weighed and measured me, gave me my weeks supply and bundled me out the door. Yesterday I had my first weigh in (which I was nervous enough about) and got the impression that she couldn't get me out of there quick enough and my question were just a pain to her.
I know we don't pay as much as LL so I don't expect the same level of councilling as they get, but I would of thought a bit of guidence and support would come with it.
I don't know what I should do because I really do get the impression for her that all she wants is to take my money and get rid of me (or maybe I'm just being a bit to touchy)???
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Hi Kelly,
well done on your first 7lbs gone. Can you change CDC is there another one in your area? Or maybe next time you should challenge her attitude after all she is working on commission and should be there to give you some positive encouragement. Mine is fairly new to it I had to tell her about Minimins, but otherwise she's lovely thank heavens. I am sure you could find someone much more empathic and helpful, After all thats what we need.
Good luck Hun and don't give up because of her bad attitude X
S: 20st9.5lb G: 10st0lb
Do I need to inform her that I'm changing to a different CDC? I've seen othere CDC's on here saying they give half hour appointments to their people but I barely got 5 minutes with mine. Is half an hour standard?
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no you dont need to inform her,my cdc is lovely,but my mums has not been doing it very long and lost much weight and not very helpful ,but mine is excellent. If i want more time 1 week i just let her no and she sorts it out for me x
Personally I get hour long appointments with my CDC...he was great in my first meeting and gave me a real understanding of what the diet was all about. He's never made me feel like he doesn't have enough time for me, quite the opposite in fact. If I were you, I'd make a point of sitting and spending as long as possible there, and resisting any 'leave' vibes untill all of your questions have been answered.
The answer is you should get whatever support you need from your counsellor and the fact you aren't happy means you aren't.

I usually give 30 minutes per client BUT some people want an hour (which is cool and I give them that) and other literally want 2 minutes and don't want to stay and chat.

Therefore I would ask for more support from your counsellor but it you are happier then move to a new counsellor but make sure you let your existing counsellor know you won't be coming if you had a pre arranged appointment.


Sorry to hear you're not getting the help you'd like from your CDC. Of course you can go with another, but I would maybe speak to your current CDC about how you feel and if you still feel the same way I would let her know you are changing to another, perhaps that way she will treat her customers to a better standard of counselling in the future.

S: 20st9.5lb G: 10st0lb
THat's another thingabout my CDC, she doesn't give me an appointment time. I get told by her to turn up any time after 10am which, if she tells her other clients the same, wouldn't give much chance of privacy if some of us turned up at the same time as each other.
I can't help but think that because this is a stuctured diet my time with my CDC should be the same?


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Hi Kelly,

My appointment run in half hourly slot, which all my clients know.
Most times that is enough to solve any problems. If not and I know before hand and think it needs more than half hour I book them in on a longer slot or if they are happy contact them via phone.
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I also give my clients appointment times at 30-minute intervals too. As Mike said, some need more time than that - others want to just come in, have a quick chat, get weighed, pick up their packs and leave.

I'm always available by phone, text or email at any time in between their appointments too in case they need to ask me something or just simply to have a bit of a 'gee-up' chat.

I hope you get the CDC service you want/deserve hon.
My CD is very helpful, a very nice person and welcoming. I would not feel like going back if she was making me feel uncomfortable. I found her by looking on the Cambridge site under 'find a councellor'

If you are anywhere near Wolverhampton, look for Augustine T. she's great!:D:D
Like Daisymay, I found my counsellor on the CD website. The reason I went for CD rather than Lighter Life was the fact that you could see pictures of the counsellor and their little introduction.

I go with hubby, we get weighed in, ask any questions we may have and place an order. This week she had a sheet prepared for us for the AAM week. She is really lovely and we always have a laugh and a joke. A couple of my friends are starting with her this week.

If you don't feel happy and wouldn't recommend to a friend, then I would look to find another.
S: 20st9.5lb G: 10st0lb
I contact mine through the CD website to.
I've now contacted another lady in my area (again off the website) who seems really fun and welcoming. I explained the situation to her and she was very simpathetic and understanding about the whole thing.
I'm going to see her on Thursday evening (will be getting weighed 3 days early so not expecting big results this week.)

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