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Should I break cos I feel ill?? Advice please!


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Help! I am 3lbs away from my mini target with only 8 days left until my holiday and I am ill. For the past few days Ive had a sore throat, headache, cold and feel very run down. I am a creature of habit and even today I replaced a shake with a chicken salad this afternoon cos I felt eating may help me (Iam on the 810). Whilst I don't feel overly hungry (probably due to ketosis) I am not sure in the long run, having a shake tonight will benefit me. I feel I need something more substantial.

What makes it worse is that tomorrow is the last day I will spend with my boys before they go off to Greece for 3 weeks with their grandparents and I was hoping for quite a full on day with them but I can't see me feeling better in time :sigh:

The only thing in my cupboard (its fairly bare since starting CD!!!) that I really fancy is a Knorr chicken noodle soup (dry pack).

Should I soldier on and not break or try and eat food that will make me feel better (but not bad food!!)??

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your health needs to come first- if you are going to come off make sure you low carb it- make it easier to get back on the diet and hopefully you continue to loose weight, enjoy your holiday x
I would think the shakes are the best things you could have, they have all the essential nutrients that you need for your body so should supply your body with the optimum nutrients to help you get over your illness, you wont get all of these with chicken salad, or chicken noodle soup. Plus the chicken noodle soup contains a lot of salt which will make you retain fluid.....
I would be tempted to stick with foods on the 810 plan, or even 1000 if you feel poorly, not dive in to the super noodles, after all, they dont contain anything to make you feel better whilst the shakes contain what you do need, and the protein/salad/veg may help too.

Just my opinion, but I reckon early night, bed rest and plenty of fluid, but I wouldnt replace a shake, just have the extra if you need it x


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Thanks for the advice everyone, I really appreciate it. Well, I didn't have a shake but I did have an omelette. I know eggs aren't on the plan but I have heard they are being introduced later in the year. I just couldn't face anymore chicken or cottage cheese!!!

You are right tho, avoid the noodles and salt. I am gonna hang on in there, have an early night and hopefully feel right in the morning!

Have a great weekend everyone xx

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