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should I do the Cambridge diet??


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Hi guys, I have just joined this forum as I'm considering doing the Cambridge diet. I am a little apprehensive about it though. My main concern is not HUNGER (although that's an obvious issue), I'm more concerned about how healthy the diet is as less than 500 cals a day is SOOOOOO low, I'm sure you agree.

Also, I found out that the COUNCILORS are not actually councilors as we know them to be ie. discussing your problems with food and how we see food mentally etc.. etc...., they just provide you with the powder packs, weigh you and off ya go....!:wave_cry:

My sister has read on another forum about hair loss on the cambridge diet, has anyone ever suffered with hair loss whilst on the CD??

I am 99% certain that I'll be starting the CD next week but would still love to hear your comments about the issues that I have raised.
Thanks for reading, this post is no where near as long as my usual posts.....lucky you :D
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Hiya Sophia!!

I am a counsellor and I don't just throw packs at yer, I will talk yer legs off about healthy eating etc if you want me to :)

Anyway the diet is 150% safe!! It meets all government and medical recommendations and is THE most researched diet in the world and is totally safe, the new NICE guidelines on Obesity state that VLCD such as Cambridge is an effective way in losing and controlling weight.

Therefore go for it!!

Any problems or advice or concerns then you can always PM me or ask on the forum as always counsellors and clever peeps about.

has been very effective for me, 3 and half stone so far lost forever! i cannot recommend this highly enough i tried everything in the book this really works, with compelling results if you stick with it, try it :)
Just to let you know I had similar concerns about the diet so I bought the Cambridge Diet book, it fills you in with all the theory - it's a really good read and answered all my questions, the diet has been used in hospitals and the first trials were carried out in 1970, the diet as it is now has been around for over 20 years - so there must be some good in it!

Regarding the counsellors - I think it depends who you get - my counsellor used to be a nurse and is able to answer any query I have.

I've only been on it a week and I've lost 12lbs - also as far as energy levels are concerned I've got a 5 month old baby who hasn't mastered the art of sleeping thru the night yet and I've not found it too tough!

Good luck
Christine xx

PS I'm not a nerd - I just wanted to read the facts!!


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No one can tell you whether to do it or not, but I think its the best diet I have done.
I have lost 19lbs in 4 weeks, Most diets work if you stick to them but as I am an impatient person I like to see it working quickly or I lose motivation.
Good luck with whatever you decide, you will get lots of information and inspiration on here :D
Hi Sophia
it is good to get the facts before starting any diet. Whenever I see a new client, I always allow at least an hour to talk them through the pros and cons, explain the different plans, how to make the packs up etc .... and then i ask them if they want to go ahead. Then and only then do they fill in the medical form, get weighed, measured and BMI worked out and I give them a choice of packs. After the first session they can contact me via 'phone or email and I'll answer any queries, swap packs etc and ask them how they're getting on. Subsequent visits last anywhere from 20mins to an hour - depends on how much they want to chat! Equally when getting near to target, I'll guide them up the plans and on to sensible eating ie low GI diet.

If you really want to do Cambridge, why not contact your local CDC(s) and see how you get on??? We are called counsellors by Cambridge - and whilst some do have proffesional qualifications - the rest of us have "walked the walk" and got the T-shirt!

Good luck.


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thanks for the replies guys, you all sound so positive and I agree that all 'diets' work if you stick to them, I only hope that I can stick to this. I'm gonna miss my creamy strong coffees I can tell ya that for nothing :) not forgetting all the other naughty bits too. I have approx 6 stone to lose and want to see results fast.

There are one or two councillors on this thread who have so kindly replied, can I ask you about our kidneys whilst on the diet? I'm told that the reason we have to drink so much water is to protect our kidneys as they have to work so much harder, now.... I obviously don't know the in's and out's of how the human body works so would like to know what will happen if I don't drink the recommended 4 ltrs of water per day, I DON'T DRINK WATER AT ALL, AND I ONLY HAVE SAY ONE OR 2 GLASSES OF CORDIAL EACH DAY (NAUGHTY I KNOW). I will try my best to drink the 4 ltrs but I have to ask what will happen if I don't?? I'm sorry if I sound like a worrying freak (I am) but I have a little girl to think of, I'm desperate to lose weight but I am a little worried about the kidney thing. P.S. so sorry for the very long posts, I'm worse face to face, I don't shut up.:(
hiya im back on CD for the umpteenth time im gonna do it this time !!! its the only diet i can do where i see quick results and know that when i stick my mind to it it works

the water question well im no expert but i know if i dont drink enough i get fuzzy mouth light headed and backache where my kidneys are this doesnt happen that often as even when ive been between cd ive still tried to drink 4 litres of water you will deffo know if your not driking enough and it will also show on the ketostix a dark shade of purple

good luck with your decision and hope to see you posting loads xxxxxxx
Hi hun,
I was sceptical too, and all my friends and family were concerned about the very low cal thing. I have lost 75 lbs in 14 weeks (or so) and have never felt better in my life. My skin used to be Sh*t and now is clear and glows and I have toned up pretty well without too much flab. It is a superb diet and after a few days of sticking to it you dont feel hungry anymore and have a huge rush of energy. Needless to say my friends and family have eaten their words, and my mum has just started on the 1000 cal plan and has most 17 lbs in three weeks. Dont worry, it is as safe as houses, and unlike cal controlled diets you get ALL the nutrients you need. It has also changed my relationship with food forever, as I am finally realising that my world can revolve around other things other than cooking and eating. I have joined a gym and swim regularly and instead of cooking for hours in the evening I get out with the kids to play on their trampoline or walk the dogs. My only regret is that I didnt do this years ago. Good luck and find yourself a good CD er, that is the real key. Oh and drink lotsa water!;)
Water is VERY important on this diet. I am not a water drinker by choice and looked at it as medicine to begin with. Now I nearly enjoy it! My skin is fantastic. On the 1st 2weeks of the diet I drank at least 5 to 6 pints of water every day and had good losses. Last week I didn't drink any neat water - only tea ...and 2lb loss. I'm back to drinking my water this week.

This is a print out I give to my clients about why it is important ... and you'll see it helps with the fat burning process.

Water and Weight Loss

Simply drinking more water - but changing neither diet or exercise - will not cause weight loss.
However - unless the body is well hydrated - possible weight loss will be far from optimal.
Why Drink Water?
  • Burning or oxidation of fat releases waste products. You need enough water to flush these from your body.
  • The liver requires water in order to process fat. If you are dehydrated you will not burn as much fat.
  • If exercising, you deplete your muscles of glycogen (i.e. stored energy). In order to refuel your muscle, the energy (glucose) must be bound to water.
How Much Water is Enough?
There are many opinions on this with many people touting absolute amounts such as 8 glasses a day. This is not particularly helpful as we come in all shapes and sizes, different kind of climates, and different exercise schedules.
However many of us don't drink enough water, and could benefit from increasing water intake.
Two Methods of Calculating Water Intake

Method 1
Aim for 2 or 3 clear urination’s throughout the day. This may sound too explicit, but for a normal healthy adult it is a good benchmark.
Method 2
Take your body weight in pounds, divide by two. This gives you a rough estimate in ounces of how much to drink. If you weigh 140 pounds you can aim for 70 ounces (or 8.75 glasses) per day.
Any exercise will require additional water intake.
Do I Gulp It Down?

Water should be consumed evenly throughout the day. If you gulp down a gallon of water at once - most of it will pass straight to your bladder.
Always keep well hydrated!


Fuzzys Angel

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What else can i say, all the above have said all that needs to be. I was unsure at first doing a VLCD but i'm so glad i did & have more energy than i've ever had!

What has you got to lose except weight....Good luck if you decide to go for it, we are all here to help & support each other. At the end of the day we all have the same goal & that's to lose weight & be healthy with it....xxx


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What else can i say, all the above have said all that needs to be. I was unsure at first doing a VLCD but i'm so glad i did & have more energy than i've ever had!

What has you got to lose except weight....Good luck if you decide to go for it, we are all here to help & support each other. At the end of the day we all have the same goal & that's to lose weight & be healthy with it....xxx
Wow, we have or in your case HAD the same amount of weight to lose. I want to lose about 80lbs. How long has it taken you to lose your weight?? I'm 5ft 4 an a bit.... that bit make a big difference LOL and I weigh...15st 8lb
Are you not eating at all?
Hope you don't mind me asking you this.

I have decided by the way, I'm going to see my nearest Councilor on Monday evening, and hope to start CD on Tuesday. OMG, I pray that I can stick to it, and not feel ill, which as you have read I am worrying about. I can't wait to see someone who I havent seen for ages and for them to notice a huge weight loss, providing I stick to CD it seems that I will lose quite a lot of weight, can't wait now, I'm so excited :D:D:D


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wow, I actually looked at the before and afters last night, was up til 2am looking at them all, I saw your ones too, they are fab, you have done soooo well, congratulations.:)
Sophia-Jo, I am seeing a cdc on Thursday. I am 5'5" and approx 16 stone, so we are at quite similar starting points. Good luck at your apt on Monday. I am starting Friday so only a few days behind you! xxx


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Sophia-Jo, I am seeing a cdc on Thursday. I am 5'5" and approx 16 stone, so we are at quite similar starting points. Good luck at your apt on Monday. I am starting Friday so only a few days behind you! xxx
Hi lou-lou, Wow, we are quite similar aren't we? Great, I wish you luck too, have you ever done it before? I had heared of the CD but didnt know it was shakes and soups until a few days ago. Hope to catch you on-line to swap stories. Best wishes for Thurs/Friday. xxx
I have lost just over 4 stone on the diet the concern I have is thd hair loss which is severe at the moment and really worrying I just hope it stops !


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I've just started today. ANd heath is also my main concern. What's the longest time I can do SS continualy? I have 53 kg to loose.


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I have a small baby too. Just started today. Hopefully I'll have enough energy to manage my baby :)

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