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Should I exercise?


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I used to go to the gym for an hour, tried to do it 4-5 times a week, running, cycling and going on the elliptical. Also did a spinning class once a week. Haven't been for around 5 weeks tho due to exams, holidays, just life in general!

I've heard on LL that heavy exercise can slow down your weight loss. So i'm wondering whether or not I should get back into the gym? In the book it says to go for gentle walks and swims, but I know if i'm in the gym and I see everybody else running i'll try to join in!

What exercise does everybody do?
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Walking is the only thing I am up for. I yried jogging and seriously felt week after.

maybe you would have more luck
hi there
i stuck to swimming and walking whilst on abstinence as i found that if i got too warm i felt very light headed.
i think if you are used to excercise then its ok to keep going, just be a bit more aware of listening to your body and don't push yourself

daisy x
I did carry on exercising when I was on abstinence besuae I didn't want to get out of the habit of going to the gym. I did have to tone things down a bit and listen to my body. Some sessions I could work really hard without feeling light headed at all. Other times I could only manage half an hour of gentle cycling.
I'm glad I kept going as it's a good habit i've never got out of and has really helped me to keep my weight off.
As daisy says, just listen to your body


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I am thinking of starting bikram yoga which is yoga in a heated room. Do you think that would be okay??


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I could do that in my lounge right now! Nearly passing out in this heat! LOL
I've just finished foundation and I found the weeks where I exercised more I lost less weight and on the days I did hard exercise I was demented with hunger! All I do now is walk (gentle) and swim (gentle once a week). When I'm on management and taking in more calories I will up the exercise again.


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I've always been one of those people who were made more hungry with exercise - typical - wish I was one of those who could claim to have their appetite surpressed by it!

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