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should i go it alone


i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
after a terrible few weeks a wi i have been thinking about doing to do ww at home. i love the plan but tbh cant afford the expence of the classes can it be done with just having esource and this site or do u think classes are better am really dithering on what to do HELP:wave_cry:
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For me personally i need the motivation of a class and proper weigh in. I dont discipline myself properly if i self weigh.

Depends how you feel though. If you think you have the discipline and self restraint to self weigh then go ahead. You'll always have these boards to help.

Either way hope you find something that works for you :)
I faced this dilema a few weeks ago Tweety and was umm'ing and arrr'ing for days, the class i first went to i didnt like the leader and the class where the leader was great didnt fit in with my schedule so i decided to try at home with no class, with the money i got instead of easter eggs i bought a set of WW scales and a notebook (as my tracker). Since then i have lost every week and this week i lost 5lb. I use this forum all the time for help, support and motivation. I dont have escource just the calculator app iwatchr.

Good luck with whatever u decide :)


i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
thanks am going on holiday in couple of weeks so might just try on my own for a while .am always either off on a wed or have afernoon off and am always trying to kill time waitin for my meeting at 4.45pm at least this way i can wi in morn in jammies lol


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What are making the terriblness' on a WI X
I've done ww on my own since i started! if you feel you can do it then do it! you'll have great support here!! :) i have the ww scales at home and i weigh in every wednesday then come on here or the other site i use and tell all be it a gain or a loss :) good luck x
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I've been going it alone for three weeks. I brought the starter pack from eBay and I'm about sixpounds down. I use the forum for support and motivation (thanks guys!) and have set myself lots if mini goals and targets to keep me on track. You have to be determined but it can be done.
Good luck!

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Prefer to do it alone as well. Got the deluxe pack from WW and a notebook and off I went. Did this years ago as well on the old WW. I did do SW once where my neighbour and I attending the meetings and both of us felt like we wanted to punch someone each week!

One woman in particular would sit there and say what a terrible week she had had, pigging out at MacDs, eating lots of chocs etc and would still lose. I would follow the diet to the letter and stay the same. I wanted to throttle her! So from now on, just me my WW calculator and notepad and of course, this forum! :)
Hi tweetyuk.
How's it going?

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