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should I go on to maintainance?


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Hi everyone,

Sorry for hijacking your page, but I wanted advice from 'oldies' on LT not 'Newbies'.

Well on Monday I have been on LT 12 weeks, and I am really pleased with the 2.5 stone I have lost, and the 2/3 dress sizes I have dropped.

I am literally less than 1 point away from healthy BMI (get wi fortnightly so doesn't show on my ticker yet).

BUT - I have a problem now.

I am feeling really fed up, almost upset somedays, bored, and really missing normal food, like salad, veg, fruit, hot meals etc... I did cave a week ago and have 5 drumsticks and some mushrooms and artichokes and ate too much and felt sooooo ill after. remained in ketosis, but a lesson learned anyway!! never again.

since then i have pretty much stuck to plan, aside from a sausage and a bit of cheese.

I think i have wanined as I am so fed up, and before I go to pot comepletely, I am thinking 'jesus if i am this misrible, should i lose the rest of maintainance, or try 'competitor' with a meal a day plan' or should i bite the bit harder and struggle through another 6 weeks'??

I am losing about 2lbs per week at the moment, prob a little less this time cause i cheated.

I really dont know what to do. I am all for taking responsibility and having self discipline, but i feel like I am making it harder on myself than it has to be.

I really want to lose another 1.5 stone, and am worried that if i refeed now I wont manage it, worried that if I stay on course i'll keep cheating, worried I'd ready to 'settle for' a loss that is not as low as my original target.

guess i am fed up and worried and need a breath of fresh air and fresh motivation to usher me along this final push.

any helpful suggestions?? anyone had the same feelings??

thanks guys/girls..
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i dont know what to say hun to be honest, only you know what is right for you in this situation, if you are missing your meals that much then maybe refeed and maintenance would be a good idea for you, it is possible to lose on it but you do have to follow it strictly otherwise you wont lose 'thats what i have found anyway'

you have to really want to do the total food replacement to be able to stick to it and it sounds like you just arent happy with it at all so if you feel you can stick to maintenance and be strict with it then i dont see why you couldnt lose the remainder of your weight with that.

sorry i couldnt be more help to you hun and i hope you manage to work out what you're going to do, you have done really well so far so dont give up!!! #

i felt the same as you for the last month or so of my diet and was about ready to give up so you arent on your own there

love ya xxxx


a new way of living!
:sign0168: too

going for one more week, then will chat to pharm and also chatting to a cdc, and see if i can get dr to sign off the med form, i have a lot of tabs every day, like a smartie party! so need a doc signature.

will try and either cd 810 or lipo maintainance to lose the rest.

where is everyone on here? its dead quiet, does julz, gary and the other nic still come on here?

I miss the old gang atmosphere on the other forum too, everyone is nice, but the dynamics have changed, it feels different.

how are you anyway? should meet up soon, back to work next week! eek!


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I think personally ... you should maybe try CD if you really cant do the TFR; But we all had/have weak moments and if i didnt do it all or nothing i wouldnt be were i am now!
You struggled like 5hit the first few weeks i rememeber your whings and shouting at you lol BUT, you did it.... i am sure you can carry on and then after you reach target you can maitain healthly
But, if you REALLY can't then i would go the cd way x
Good luck with what you decide
Atkins, south beach and other low carb diets are fab too xxxx


a new way of living!
thanks, i am seriously thinking about it, i will defo get below bmi 25 first though, as that is such a big milestone - and only a few pounds away, so i think i can knuckle down to that. but i need to see an end to it now.

its weird, its healthy food i am missing now, but when i cheat, cause i am having 'within easy reach' protein, its not all that healthy! so i think 'oh hell lets do it properly at least'. I am hoping that maybe an excited cdc's motivation would rub off for the last 1.5 st! its like starting a small target, rather than the HUGE target i started with!

i still think - at the moment, the least amount of choice food wise the better, so the cd 810 sounds strict enough to start with - if that makes sense!!

if i was still losing 3lbs i'd prob hang in there, but i'm not and i just dont know how long i can go on.

by the time i have got the dr's form signed then that'll be 1-2 weeks anyway, so i'll just take it as my 'potential' last 1-2 weeks and see how it goes.

trying to drink more water too in case that helps.

thanks again all.

H xxx
Hi Helen,

I have been on lipotrim about 16 weeks and have always been determined to reach my goal of 10st before refeeding, no matter what.

For the first time this weekend I have started considering finishing a bit earlier and refeeding, so I can understand where you are coming form. Especially cos it is scary to think that if you don't listen to your body you may crumble and go off the rails.

Don't know if this helps but I think it must be normal to feel like this after a certain amount of time without eating. Whatever you decide I wish you well cos you have done brilliantly and made great contributions on the lipotrim forum x


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Hey hun,

I am so sad to hear you're having problems.

I am going to be on this diet for 6 more weeks (well actually 5 weeks, 4 days, 4 hours...but who's counting). That's 2 weeks earlier than originally planned, but I have stuff to do (I want to have a glass of wine at my grand debut (Dental Christmas Masquerde Ball), and the pharmacist reccommeded that I come off it earlier to give myself a few weeks before I was straight into the Christmas festivities).
So far I've lost 6 stone, and I figure I'll lose another stone, if not a little more, in the next 5 weeks.
I originally wanted to get down to 9st 13lbs before coming off the diet, which would have been a BMI of 24, but now I reckon I'll be happy enough coming off between 10st 7lbs and 10st 10 lbs (BMI 28). Either way I've lost 7 stone, and am a lot healthier.

All you can really do is be proud of what you have achieved so far, and see each extra day as a bonus. You're already a success!!

Best of luck with your decision hun!

hi, im not really one to give advice as i only stuck TFR for 4 weeks, but ive been on maintance now for 5 weeks, into my sixth. and im having good steady weight loss on it.
Follow your heart what you want to do, but you have done really well to get this far...treat yourself!
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Damn nuisance you aren't near Bournemouth. I'd love to have you as a client.

Warwickshire to Bournemouth...that's not too far is it :D


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thanks all, and yes KD I'd love to come and join you.... can you travel up here though?? ;)

well.... yes I have an appt with cdc tomorrow, and got form signed my doc already, he was pleased with loss so far, said to carry on with what ever i am doing as i look really healthy!

my rheumatologist is also pleased with me, and maxcilofacial surgeon (he proposed liquid diet for jaw issue - little did he know what i'd do with that advice!!) physio also really impressed! :D

yeah i know, i'm a walking medical dictionary!!

I am excited to be having a fresh start, I think i need it, and will manage to stick with diet and feel sane knowing i can have one low carb healthy meal a day.

i'd rather do things properly that not. also prefer the cd way on intro back onto food, gives a greater sense of control. :)

over all i feel far happier with decision :D

thanks again all for your help, advice, concerns etc



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lush lush lush!!!

either on here or the 100% thread.

we can be cd buddies now!! how is sailorjack getting on heard from him yet?

love the porridge and orange bars!!

glad its going well



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Umm, he said he was off to get his supplies at 1pm (today) I think, so hopefully he hasn't eaten all the bars yet!!!

Which bars did you get?

I'm going to try cottage cheese mushroom on the w/e. Large mushroom filled with cottage cheese and tuna, baked in the oven. yuuuummmm.


a new way of living!
oooh look forward to that, want to get to bmi 25 before i have a meal every day, but will have one 2-3 times a week.

I got orange NAM NAM!!! :D and cranberry (not tried that yet)

will try to get three out of her next week so i can have one every other day :D

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