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Should i go tonight?

Hi everyone, after 8 weeks on the diet and only losing 7lbs I decided to join a meeting last week. Because my local leader wasn't great I went further afield and found another meeting where at first weigh in the leader seemed ok, much more organised at least! Anyway week started off well but ended up v unusually going out 3 nights in a row and it all went to pot. I am so embarrassed as know I'll have gained and it will be like i gained @ first weigh in! My
Leader doesn't know I was doin it online as I was worried if I told her she might not give me books! I'm therefore in two minds about tonight, I could just go and suck it up or start afresh which I've done today and go next week and cancel today. What foes everyone think?
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Yes, go :) Its my fourth WI, I have had a crappy week and know I will gain tonight but the support and ideas at group are what get your going 100% for the coming week.

You won't be the first and def not the last, sometimes life gets in the way x


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hiyer, i've been in you're poistion in the past, it's so easy to miss a week, then you get in a circle of not going the following week. I would def go, draw a _________, you'll feel so much better.Let us know how you get on:D
If it makes you feel any better, my Consultant tells us quite regularly that her first week back she had a gain. Its actually really common, as people get used to the plan - and you know WHY you will have had a gain, so you can tell her in advance that you are expecting one, and thus be unsurprised if it occurs.

Just go, and dont worry.


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GO - I can't stress that enough - so I'll say it again - GO

If you don't go this week - will you be tempted to miss next week to?

You know what's happened this week - it's explainable. Draw a line, GO tonight, and well - just GO for it.



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Cant agree with the others enough....make sure you do go, or one week will turn into two and its a slippery slope! No one will judge you and you will not be alone in a gain I am sure x
Please go. It's too easy to miss a week hoping to work really hard the next week and end up with a loss overall. If the 2nd week doesn't go so well either it's really hard to go back (trust me - I've done this myself several times). It's much better to go this week, even if you've gained and then draw a line under it so next week shows as a loss.
I've just had a monster weekend, eating out, drinking (I don't drink usually), totally off plan since friday evening. I could have tonight off...however I need to know what the damage is (I'm hoping for no more than a 3lb gain), I'm on plan today and am planning the next two weeks meals at the mo!

Bite the bullet, shoulders back and go for it!
just to echo what the others have said, GO.......you know why you may have gained, at least you'll be able to draw a line under it and move forward..xxxxxxxx
Hi everyone, thanks so much for the advice :) I did go along to my meeting in the end....well I went to weigh! I'm a bit miffed actually cos according to my sw scales I lost 5lbs whereas mine says I gained 1lb - that's a massive 6lb difference! I have a feeling my meeting ones are wrong though I'm not sure that they were ready when I went on as has I was stepping on the woman said 'hold on it's not ready' but then the weight came up and she took it down. Wish I asked her to do it again. I really don't feel like I lost 5lbs as week was not good at all and I think my scales are quite accurate. Bf said to wait till next week and c what they say. I'm just bit concerned they may b wrong! I'll c what happens!

All in all I'm glad I went and thank u again for the encouragement. Here's hoping for a good week tho bit concerned that if the scales are right next week I may gain as don't think I'll loose 6lbs this week to match them lol xx

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