should I have another pack?


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Hi everyone,

Ive just had a tetra and I threw up about 5 mins after drinking it (sorry if anyone is eating whilst reading that bit!)

Im just wondering if, I should have another pack to replace the one I lost, or not bother.

Hope someone can help answer this

Hiya tracie,
were you sick because you didnt like it - or do you have a bug??

I'd suggest having another pack - one that you like!"!!:p perhaps if you can't manage a soup or shake make a muffin or have a bar??

Hi Geri,

Thanks for replying.

I'm not sick and I do love the choc tetras, hope this isn't too much info but I was cuddling my kitten and had her rather close to my face and she passed wind rather violently, hence immediately throwing up!

I think I will have another Tetra in a cat free zone

Thanks again
Oh tracie,
that had me roaring out loud laughing - sorry!!

Yep good idea you have there - have the next pack when kitty not around! :)
It certainly made my girls laugh! lol

Ive heard people talking about how on those "occasions" when its happened that the smell actually got in their throats, and secretly in my mind I used to think, surely they're exaggerating but trust me its possible, very very possible, I can still taste it now!!!! ha ha
lol!! Oh my goodness... that had me laughing out loud! Unfortunately there isn't anyone here for me to tell it to!
just seen this thread. OMG! i look like a loon laughing my socks off at work.!!!!! you've really made me smile!! (sorry though about you're unfortunate reaction to said wind!)
hehe! u poor thing! i'd have the extra pack and stay well away from the cat!
Oh Tracie, i nearly wet myself reading your post.....
At least you know to stay well away from the cat at meal times!
Hi ya,
Yes!!! The kitten is well and truly nowhere near me when I have my packs!
My eldest daughter thought she was being clever yesterday putting the kitten up her top so the kittens head was poking through the neck of the t-shirt and she was pretending to do a puppet show, and as I was saying to her "I wouldn't do that if I were you" she pulled the cat out and was heaving! The cat had farted in her t shirt and my daughter was surrounded in it!
I couldn't stop laughing!
she ran around the room taking all her clothes off and swore blind she wouldn't wear them again! hahaha