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Should I or not???


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Hi Tatty03 :)

Exante advises that 5th week you should do as a AAMW - add a meal week. But there are many people here who didn't.
I don't think AAMW is a must. My 5th week's just started and I'm still 100%TS. I don't feel like eating. As long as I don't really feel I need to eat something I will give up. Just can't be bothered with all this shopping, cooking, choosing the right stuff and blablabla..
It's up to you. AAMW doesn't affect your weight loss if you do this properly.
But honestly, I prefer to go for a long walk instead. :)
It's nice to know I could have something if I wanted. But I want to be slim asap much more than that.
Have a great loss!!!


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The point of AAM is to stimulate the metabolism; if your weight loss is slowing down adding a low carb meal can help. It does not work immediately but a day or two later it seems to shift. I don't weigh every week but I can always tell - loose clothes etc. I also think its worth getting used to listening to your own body - sometimes I just feel I need some extra protein - so then I have some fish or an egg. I don't eat red meat any more, but I like prawns, smoked salmon etc with a bit of lettuce or salad leaves.
So think about it, the NICE guidelines recommend adding a meal 300-400 calories after 12 weeks but Exante say after 4. Its up to you, I am not convinced it slows weight loss, in my experience it seems to give it a boost. Finally its important to 'add' a meal to the three packets. Its not instead of a packet or bar.
Hope this helps.
I think you'll find that the reason for the AAM week 5 is because there is no medical confirmation required and also no counsellor supervision. While it will be fine for most people, it could be dangerous for some people not do the AAM week 5.

I would never recommend that anyone skips the AAM week 5, but if you do just be sensible about it. If there are any signs of a problem or something doesn't feel right, then do something about it rather than ignore it. Don't assume that just because it is fine for other people that it's also fine for you too. We all want to lose weight as fast as possible, but doing it safely is the most important thing.

Having done a VLCD before, I know it is relatively safe for me to now do Exante. Even so, I've been thinking about doing 8 weeks and then an AAM week, rather than go for the full 12 weeks. But I'll see how things go.
I do 4 weeks TS and then on the 5th week AAM. Coming up to my 2nd one soon. Doing the AMMW isn't going to slow down your losses and I personally think it's a good thing for teaching us about healthy eating and portion control. It also stops me from "cheating" as I think "No, I don't need/want to eat because soon i'll get to have so and so." If I was doing this without the prospect of having a week of eating a meal I don't think I could hack it!


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im only on day two and reading posts constantly especially today as im on day off, a lot of people will leave it 4 weeks and on week 5 have a day off but stick to low carbs etc and they find it gives them a massive boost on there weight losses, and some just do the 2 shakes etc and a low calorie meal which gives them the boost they need to. I think its important as said above to listen to your body, you will need something soon and to learn the portions and control it now slowly is better in the long run. Good luck saying that i need to loose as much as possible for august so i think i may skip it lol
I used to do CD and it was after 12 weeks that you had to AAM, so that's what I am doing this time. It falls around my partner's birthday too, so thats a bonus! Although saying that, I did have to have some salad and chicken last night as I felt really ill all day. It did make me feel much better but I am going to have to fight with myself not to sneak anymore food for the rest of the week!
Maybe this is too much info, but also think of your colon. If you are not going to add a meal, consider other means to 'get things moving' :) Shakes have fiber, but there is nothing like 'real' food to help the colon along, and you will probably feel better for it. If you are concerned about weight loss you could always just have a salad. Plenty of roughage there.

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