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should I or should I not?


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Hi Everyone,

It's my birthday on Saturday and my husband and I were going to go down to the pub for a few drinks (mine would be soda water).

Anyway I really fancy going out to a nice restaurant for lunch and having a few drinks of the alcoholic variety.

I really don't want to come of CD but I'm in this for the long haul and know I can continue on Sunday.

Any advice would be welcome, should I have lunch on my birthday or stick to a shake??


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I would say no, I have done this saying to myself I would be straight back onto it, but it never happened....I have been picking since.
It is so hard to get back on track.....!
It was my birthday a week ago so I know it can be really hard to remain abstinent. I did remain abstinent, despite people encouraging me to "be good to myself and have a treat". For me, being good to myself is to stick to my diet 100%. Right now it might feel like you'll be able to restart the next day without a hitch but from what I've read on other threads, and what people in my LL group have struggled with, it's always harder to restart than it is the first time round. When you've made one exception that can start a precedent, it's a slippery slope. My LLC says we start off in a safe bubble, as soon as we eat we come out of this safe bubble. Hope that makes sense!
G: 12st0lb
Im with Sonkie here, DONT EAT ! you will regret it and once you make an exception thats giving yourself permission to do it again.
Do you have to go to a restaurant ? its your birthday after all you can do something else that dosent involve putting yourself through the torture of watching others eat.
I have always gone for a meal for my birthday , with my hubby annd with my girlfriends, with my sister , I must have been getting through at least 3 -4 so called 'birthday meals' over the course of one bloomin birthday , it was like Id been programmed Birthday = Eating Meal Out. This year I asked my girlfriends if we could go see a play or something instead of eating and they said great be a nice change!
Went bowling with my hubby instead and went for a lovely trying smaller sizes in expensive clothes shops but didnt buy and starbucks with my sister . It was great I really enjoyed the variety and not a calorie I shoudnt have had touched my lips!
So my advice is do something differnt , brake the routine , lifes not all about stuffing in restaurants is it? I too like you am in it for the long haul with 7 stone to lose at the start and I am looking forward to the day I can dine out again, but without the guilt, and that day will come again for you too.
Good Luck and have Happy Birthday !


has started again!!
I had my birthday not long after starting LL. My treat was a trip to the movies, with a bottle of water and a bar. It really was a treat too, as we dont go out that often. Babysitters and all that hassle!!

A few weeks later it was my OH birthday. We went out for a meal!!!! It was a bit tricky at first to sit there with just my Perrier, but I did it and felt oh so proud!

The present you can give yourself is that of abstinence, and the pride in yourself that brings!!

Have fun!!

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Hi Mils

At the end of the day the choice is yours but what you should think about is what is more important to you....

Our for a meal & some bevies or lose the weight?

To be honest i'm with sonja on this one, is so more harder to start again the next day! Whichever you choose hope you have alovely birthday


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