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Should I or shouldn't I?


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Hi everyone i am very confused as i dont know whether to leave my group for a while. I am around 12 weeks pregnant and today realised that i have gone a bit over the top with my weightloss. I get full very quickly so havent been eating a lot and sometimes not eating even when i'm hungry just to make sure i am getting a good loss at class. Now that i have got across that 1st stone hurdle i am more determined than ever to lose weight. But today after mulling over my last few weeks diet i think i am depriving baby and i know while i am going to class i will carry on. I am thinking of leaving class initially for a month and seeing if i can make a loss or maintain my current weightloss and if i have i can't manage by myself than maybe go back to class.
All my week consists of is trying to lose as much as poss and i am even dreaming about lbs and how much i need to lose to reach my mini targets, overweight bmi etc. I think if i had a break from sw i wont put on any weight and if i do it will be very little as i dont want to put on all the weight i have lose. what does everyone think should i stay or should i leave for a while and concentrate on my pregnancy while eating healthly x
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Nobody can tell you, you need to decide.

Just remember that you have another life growing inside you. Babies need a lot, and yes you can deprive them. But you can also deprive yourself as baby will take what it needs and leave you with nothing.

Look after yourself and bubs, maybe put SW to the back of your mind for now. If that means leaving class then so be it.

Look after no.1 xx


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Sounds as if you were not following the diet as you should m'dear it's so easy to get on that treadmill of wanting desperately to lose as much as possible and in order to not eating all you should and I know I have eaten the t shirt let alone bought it. Think it would be a good thing for you to be guided by your midwife and health visitor from now on congratulations on the baby too m'dear !


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I was following it properly but my portions are a lot smaller and because i get bad indigestion sometimes i can't eat and just chew on rennies. The reason i want to leave sw for a while is because i am becoming a bit obsessed on losing weight and sooner or later weightloss might stop when my pregnancy progresses so i think i better get into a healthy pregnancy mood and not a sw mood x


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Just feel a little disappointed that i will have to leave but will have to stay strong as i dont think my mw who i will be seeing in a month or so will be so happy with the amount of weight i have lost in so little time. Also hormones are making me a bit upset so just feeling a little sad and lost. But i will be following sw but not rigidly like i was and i will be participating in this forum throughout my pregnancy x


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Safia, i honestly think you need to put sw to the back of your mind for a while. What youve described is obsessional behaviour which is of concern in general let alone when youre pregnant. I think you should talk to your consultant and midwife who should be able to give you a bit of guidance and reassurance.


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Safia I think Funky monkey is talking a lot of sense love go and see your health visitor or mw or indeed you dr . You can still post on here but think you need to eat healthily now there was a weight monitoring programme being carried out( in my area at least) (south Wales)for overweight pregnant women to help them not put too much weight on wonder if that is in your area sounds ideal for you.Hope you are ok good luck m'dear.
I know how u feel with the obsessional I was determined to lose weight and my treats involved chewing a crisp and spitting it out. I know your not that bad but when I was pregnant i was at sw and I left because I knew i would put weight on. At the end of the day you need to eat healthy for your baby and sw lends to this.

On a positive note I am losing my baby weight so always remember slimming
World is the key to losing those few pounds because your bundle of joy in your arms is the most important thing :) x x


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I know i am being foolish as i thought because i dont put weight on in pregnancy that i can maybe lose it but today i realised how obsessional i have become. Yesterday i went out with my daughters and went over syns and i was depressed all day and night and today. Mw and consultant wont unfortunately be much help as they will just give me a leaflet on weight management as my mw gave this to me last month. I dont have blood pressure issues or diabetes so they just check me and send me on my way and last pregnancy consultant was moaning that she didnt know why i had been sent to her as everything was fine! It looks like it will be and this forum and i will eat more. I just hope i havent damaged baby, i have a scan on tuesday and a bit worried. I will put away my scales and stop counting the lbs, just need to get out of dieting mode now x
Baby comes first over weight loss. You either stick with SW and view it as a healthy balanced diet indepentent of weight loss/gain or if you feel like you will put pressure on yourself to lose by sticking with SW then it might be best to put it on hold for a few months. It will always be there for after the baby is born.

If you do decide to follow SW from home alone you know you will have our support. It may be that this is the happy medium that would work for you.

Good luck with whatever you decide


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Hello hope you don't mind me interfering. I was doing Slimming world before and during my last pregnancy. When I found out I was pregnant I stopped going to class because for me the class meant going to be weighed and the pressures of lossing so I followed the plan at home myself. I added an extra healthy A and B and if I went over on syns I just got back into it the next day. Eat plenty of healthy food and you and your baby will be fine. I was 7lb lighter after having the baby and we were both healthy. I'm doing ww propoints now as I found my portion control hasn't been great.

Hope this helps and congrates on the pregnancy xxxx


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Thankyou everyone for you replies, i am a lot clearer this morning and having a day off from sw. I will be following sw as a healthy choice in pregnancy but i wont be going to class as i put too much pressure on myself to lose weight. Also by following sw i will keep my weight gain at bay and everything i will eat will be healthy for baby x
hi just a quick update, have a word with your consultant, she will have all the informaton you need with new insentives for mummys to be and new mums :)
good luck hun


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That's a great decision. I was pretty slim getting pregnant on first baby,and put on a bit of weight. got pregnant pretty soon on number two and that's when I really packed it on- completely threw caution to the wind and ate whatever I felt like (Listened to that little voice inside telling me that it was okay because I was pregnant..) Little man is one and a half now and I'm just starting to lose it. If I am lucky enough to get pregnant again I'll keep an eye on things- not really regarding dinners etc,but will will try not to eat rubbish- they are not good for me or the baby. Easier said than done though

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