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Should I start now or wait?

S: 12st8lb C: 11st13lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 25.4 Loss: 0st9lb(5.11%)
Hi, I'm a newbie (I've just started a food diary though - feel free to take a look!)
I was going to start weightwatchers online today, but I've been speaking to my Mum and she really wants to go back to weightwatchers meetings (she's previously lost lots of weight, but some's gone back on). I've only ever done it online.
She doesn't drive and I've said I will go with her (I think you get free access to online trackers etc when you go to meetings?). But we won't be able to go until next week.
My query is, do you think I should start following the programme now, or wait until I go to a meeting next week to start 'properly'?
I've just had my birthday and my house is full of cake and chocolate - maybe that's why the 'wait til next week' idea is appealing?! TBH I don't really fancy any chocolate :8855: at the moment, that is...
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haha, this reminds me of me so i know how you feel , i treated my self and then started it after i could no longer eat anymore,i also like to start at a weekend coz i weigh myself on a saturday.i think you'lll get mixed answers, but i say it's been your birthday treat yourself then get rid
personally i'd eat all the cake up first ... but that's just me ! :D .... if you are in the right frame of mind to start the diet this week then you will be on track to start loosing weight (which is great) .... but if you want your 1st official WI at group (so your 2nd meeting) to look like the big "first week" loss then wait till next week to start ....
S: 12st8lb C: 11st13lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 25.4 Loss: 0st9lb(5.11%)
Thanks for your replies.
Have decided to wait until next week to "officially" start, but prepare by reading posts on here, e.g. food diaries for ideas.
There is a spanner in the works though - I'm going away to celebrate my friend's birthday 1st weekend in october! Uh oh!
Worried I won't lose at first wi :-(
ohh no :( don't let it get to you. just plan as much as you can in advance and make good choices ... but if not possible then just enjoy your weekend :D .... i had my mates hen weekend 3 weeks into my diet and only put on 1lb .... so being your 1st week you might still get a loss. just stick to the diet on all the other days .... and don't forget you have 49 weekly pp's to use over the weekend and 29 (minimum) daily's each day!



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Hi Hedgehog 13. I'm sure you can get in to diet mindset whilst waiting for your weigh in. Goodluck

S: 12st8lb C: 11st13lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 25.4 Loss: 0st9lb(5.11%)
Thanks everyone!
I'm trying to get into the mindset by reading posts on here - always stuck for lunch ideas and easy evening meals.
Will try and only use my weekly points over the weekend after weigh in
S: 12st13lb C: 12st8lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 28.4 Loss: 0st5lb(2.76%)

I see you've already decided to wait, and thats what I was about to recommend. I did it online for a few weeks and lost 5lbs, but obv when I joined the class my weight was put at my current weight, and it bugged me that it didn't reflect my actual start weight! I'm weird like that. I also managed to STS In my first week at class, so the week when most folk would expect a big loss, i lost nothing!

Jilly x

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