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Should I Stay Or Should I Go?!

Morning All!

I am having a few problems with my consultant and group in general and it is making me not want to go to class.

I am so uninspired and leave the class feel deflated and cross rather than uplifted and motivated.

The consultant is so awful I have actually reported her to slimming world.

So, do I pay to just weigh and go and not bother with the image therapy (which I always used to love) or do I not pay £5 a week to just stand on scales and do it alone whilst I find anther suitable group?

Opinions please!

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Hi Gem

Is there another class in your area you could transfer to?
It also depends on how much you enjoy image therapy. If you really think it helps and there are no other classes, I would go along.
What is wrong with your consultant? I barely speak to mine, even in image therapy.
Sorry you feel this way about your consultant....
This probably doesn't help but thought i'd give my opinion :)


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If you definately need the support of a class as well as the weekly weigh in I'd find another class. If you can do it alone why waste the fee each week instead weigh in at Boots and save the money.

I would never pay the money just to get weighed.

Irene xx
Thank you for the replies ladies.

The class is really poorly run. There are no books or hi fi bars.
Then age spends the class telling us how bad her week has been. She tells us about the burger king meals she has had and the Greggs sausage roll and doughnuts she eats. And then questions why she has such awful indigestion!

I phoned her a couple of weeks ago when I was struggling and her advice was to give in to my "cravings" and try and be good next week!!

My last class (I moved about 8 weeks ago due to different work/college pattern) had a brilliant consultant and I loved image therapy.

Perhaps I was just spoilt before?!


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OMG really:eek:? That is very bad....give in to your cravings! Can't believe it.

I think your first consultant sounds lovely.
Mine isn't great but she's not as bad as that...fortunately there are other members who are very helpful.

Find a new class if you can...totally agree with Irene


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I really feel sorry for people who have sub standard C's!

Mine is fab and really inspiring.

I would definitely suggest moving classes, but would also possibly drop her an email explaining why you've moved. Nothing nasty, but she may not realise where she's going wrong and might appreciate the Feedback.

We get quite a few posts like these, and I often wonder if people are ever mentioning the same consultants/classes!

Good luck with whatever you decide xx

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Fighting the bulge
I had the same problem, i changed groups as my C was a bit far away and there were 3 other classes which were quite a lot closer. The trouble is i have tried 4 different Cs since then and none quite match up to her. I need the structure of going to group and so recently have been paying just to weigh and leave.

I would say try to switch to another group or try to change your schedule so that you can go back to the old one



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My C is one of the nicest people you could meet. You just want to hug her and help her on her way.
Support wise, on a professional basis, I felt she is lacking somewhat.
If your C is THAT bad, why would you want to keep handing over your hard earned fiver? I hope you can find another group, with a much more motivational C ((hugs))


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What did SW say when you reported her?
I would be inclined to agree with the others, I wouldn't want to go to a badly run group.


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I had this with my very first group, I found the consultant too negative at times and also would make people feel bad if they couldn't stay to class. As the class was convenient for me time/day wise I persevered for over six months and did well weight loss wise but I feel this was more my own determination than the consultant. I moved to a class a bit further away, which was so much better and the consultant lovely. I do do it on my own now purely because I fell off the sw wagon last year and feel I have enough self control to follow the plan at home. I weigh in weekly and move the scales out of sight the rest of the week. We are all different; group suited me last time, this time I just don't have the time for a class but I may do in the future.


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I agree with all above. I moved classes too because my first consultant wasn't so good and the classes were really poorly attended and not motivational at all. Now I have a fantastic consultant and all of her 4 groups are friendly.

I wouldn't pay jsut to weigh and go, as irene says you could go to Boots and do that for 20p......

Good luck xx
Been slimming and there was a massive change...

She announced she was having to leave. She said because of unforeseen circumstances she was leaving Slimming World.

What if that is because of me? Do you think my complaint would have done that?


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Hi Gem,

I wouldn't have thought your complaint would have done it, but perhaps other people didn't enjoy it either and made their feelings known too.

Ultimately your C is paid to do a certain job and if she's not doing it then it's only her fault.

Hopefully all will be ok for you now, that's the main thing as far as you are concerned :) x
Thanks Cleogin.

You're right. It's unlikely one complaint would have done that.

Hopefully my new consultant will be a goodun!! X


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Don't feel guilty. It would have nothing to do with you. I remember when I went to SW (and my leader was absolutely wonderful) I only left because I moved 50 miles away - someone came to observe her perhaps all leaders get this.

I wish I had self control and didn't need a class.

Irene xx


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She sounds like little britains fat fighter consultant... What happened when you complainef did you get a response?

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Missjlouise said:
She sounds like little britains fat fighter consultant... What happened when you complainef did you get a response?

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Oh just read that she left :) yipeeeeeeee

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