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Should i stay or should i go?

Hi All

Ive been doing weight watchers for quite a few months now and overall I have lost 20 1/2lbs and all i have got to loose is another 13lbs to get to goal weight... now ive got a few problems as it looks like i have stopped loosing weight :confused:

Now I know im a slow looser and this is because I usually use all of my points every week and every weekend I usually go out and have a meal and a few drinks!!

Now I was going to the gym quite a bit but when i started going 3-4 times a week i stayed exactly the same for 5 weeks straight... but when i was really busy and couldnt go I started loosing weight again... so I cancelled it :sigh:

But over the last 8 weeks my weight loss has been really odd please see below

+ 1/2
+ 2lbs
- 2 1/2
- 1/2

So over the last 8 weeks i havnt lost any weight :cry:

I always stick to my points and never go over them and now I dont know what to do... my motivation has almost gone... should I stay or should i go? What do you all think i should do??

Thanks for listening :break_diet:
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Definitely stay!!! :)

Look how far you've come! I can't explain why your loss hasn't been what you'd have liked recently - do you do a food diary? But just think where you could be if you gave up....

Be proud of your achievement, and be proud that you haven't gained overall over the past 8 weeks.

Slow and steady wins the race and keeps the weight off for longer. Message me any time you need motivation - I know you can do this :) xx

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LittleMissThin 17

wants to be skinny ♥
I would agree, stay.
My past 5-ish weigh ins have been like yours- this week (I'm not recommending this, just saying) I ate about 40pp over my allowance and lost 2 lbs. I think sometimes going over can help break a plateau. I didn't plan on this as such but if you're brave enough it may work? Or you could try to Wendy Plan? There's a thread on here somewhere, I think Azwethinkweiz knows where :p
The same has worked for me, a bit of a blow out has given me a kick start which is odd. I get scared tho in case I can't get back on the wagon!! x

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LittleMissThin 17

wants to be skinny ♥
The same has worked for me, a bit of a blow out has given me a kick start which is odd. I get scared tho in case I can't get back on the wagon!! x

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I did mine Sunday night after already eating all weeklies then had Monday to today to get back on track. Irony is today I haven't used all my points :)
I see so many instances of people maintaining their weight for months on end. Many give up, but some stick with it...and eventually the body finally adjusts and weight starts to creep off. The less you have to loose the harder it is, so do stick with it, eventually things will start shifting. To get it going again it could be that perhaps you need to cut back on those weekend drinks until the weight is off, or perhaps even something as simple as reducing the salt in your food? This is the time when tweaking the little things and fine tuning everything might be what you need!
Thanks all for replying... I dont want to finish at weight watchers as I really enjoy sitting with the other people who go and we always have a good old chat!! Maybe i need to get more motivated again... or have a blow out like some of you girls have had now I could enjoy that haha!! :D

Im wondering if i should go back to the gym maybe that may give me a kickstart although my motivation for exercise in the gym has gone!! I still enjoy doing loads of walking though so thats good??

I may also try and look at what im eating a bit more?? I may even start a food diary so you can all see what im eating and you can tell me if I need to change what im eating??

Thanks again for replying :)
The support I get via my food diary is the only thing that keeps me on track if I'm honest!! Gives me focus and motivation, highly recommend :) good luck x

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I think what littlemiss thin said is very true.
A blowout sometimes can help with weight loss if your stuck around the same weight.
Don't go too mad though after a 2 week all inclusive holiday i put on 10 pounds :O

With weight watchers its difficult to find the calorie deficit that will make you lose.
For example if you excercise and eat the activity points you might stay the same but its also could be the case if you don't because your body might not be getting enough and go into starvation mode which can actually make you put on weight :(
If you have the same things for breakfast & lunch, which alot of people do cos ur familiar wi it & know how many points ur usin, u may need to shake it up a bit & vary ur meals or the fruit ur eatin.
Thanks All... im hoping that after the weekend ive had (a bad eating one) im hoping for some loss.... even though I shouldnt lol!! But fingers crossed :D

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