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Should i switch?????

I cant answer that but i been for my 3rd weigh in today. 1st weigh in 9 1/2 off, second 3 1/2 and today 3 pounds. To be honest i feel that i could prob have these losses by eating healthy and exercise. xx
If you feel that SS+ would help kick start your metabolism a little more then do it. 3lbs a week is still a great loss and there isn't much of a chance that you would lose this much if you were on WW or SW as it is only approx 1lb average a week on those diets.

Stick with it, 3lbs a week is still 12lbs a month which is still nearly a stone and you wouldn't get the same losses anywhere else!
Why dont you give SS+ a go and see what you loose, if you are still losing the same/more than stick with it, if however you losses drop to less than the 3lbs then come back to SS.

It will do no harm, you would be having to do this in 4 weeks anyway so giving it a go now instead is not going to hurt.
Hey hun,

3lbs a week is actually the average weightloss per week on SS so please don't be disheartened. Also as you have less to lose it takes longer to come off.

To put it into perspective, take this mathematicl fact into consideration:

to lose 1lb you must undereat by 3500 calories
on CD you are undereating 10,500 calories a week (the average woman), therefore undereating enough to lose 3lbs exactly.

If you switch to WW or equivalent, you will most likely be only undereating max. 6000 calories a week, which is only enough to lose between 1-2lbs.

Therefore if you want a loss of at least 3lbs a VLCD really is the only way to healthily achieve this, as to do it without the packs would be to eat too few calories to get adequate nutrition and your body would go into starvation mode.

Stick with it hun, dont let your chatterbox get the best of you. Don't switch!!!! I did that a year ago and as a result have NEVER got to goal. It is only now, over a year since I first 'switched' that I have been in a good enough place pyschologically to start again, and now I wish I had just stuck with it instead of ducking out.

So please learn from my mistakes. Stick with it til goal, you won't be disappointed. This really is the quickest way.



Finally a size 12!
Today i feel better was having a crap day yesterday prob due to TOTM so gonna stick with it for the rest of this month only got 17lbs to my goal :) xxx

You can do it!!!!!
You go girlie - I am aiming for 11st to start with too, but I have got another 5st to go!!!!

You are doing brilliantly

if you do decide to go for 10st then its only a month away MAX!
I'm aiming for 11st too :) (and have the same feelings about heading onto 10 if i can)!! Reckon I'm about 13 now so 2 stone to go :( x


Finally a size 12!
Crazy how time flys on CD though i was 14 stone when started now 12 keeps me going ha ha ha the though of being 10 and half

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