Should I take this as a sign about my new CDC?


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I'm starting back on CD on Monday (as long as I can get back to uni anyway, the snow has made it a no no at the moment!) and I'm booked in to see my CDC. I emailed her letting her know what my order would be in case she was running a bit low on things. She has the plain porridges, only some of the shakes, but no soups until the week after, and only chocolate tetras which I don't like! And no bars. So basically, she's not got even half of what I ordered. I'm not sure that I can do three shakes and one porridge a day, I'd get bored as I don't like that many flavours. I mean I'll have to, but isn't preferable during my first week back! Will just avoid seeing food I really like!

I'm just thinking though that this really isn't a good sign. I know it's only once, so it might be that she just hasn't managed to stock up for some reason this time. It just seems like a very low supply, and was monday she said about it, and isn't going to be having the other stock until what will be 2 weeks after that but I know it doesn't take that long for CD to deliver.

Should I take this as a bad sign?? I feel bad giving up on her and finding another CDC just because of this, but at the same time, one flavour porridge and 2 flavours of shakes (though she has a few more that I just don't like) 4 times a day for just over a week really doesn't appeal to me!
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That doesn't sound very promising does it:( Having said that I know many CDCs including myself ran our stocks down as low as we dare before Christmas because of the new rebranded stocks coming out.

Since then, there has been a fair amount of snow ;) and I know some areas have had trouble getting their vans through. This might be the reason why she hasn't got much in.


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Doesn't sounds great but I do know that some CDCs have been having trouble getting their orders delivered due to the snow!


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Is there not another CDC in the area you could just get some extra stock from until yours has more supplies in


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I know a lot of CDCs.. are having problems getting there deliverys because of the snow..
Its a shame you do not live me I am over stocked lol I have ordered so much in over the last few days as was getting so many calls and bookings and the because of the snow so many people have cancelled me!! So we just canot win really lol xxxx


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Yeh I thought that about the snow, but it was right at the beginning of the week, on Sunday so technically last week even! So was before the snow began.

I didn't know there was rebranded stock though, that could be why.

I think I'm going to go with it and give her the benefit of the doubt this time. She did at least ask me what flavours I liked so she could try and have an order for me that I liked. Thinking about it, I've got some soups and shakes left over still, so if I work out what I have I can get the rest of a week's order from her and have a bit more variety. Or even maybe do the 3 plus a 200kcal meal for the first week so that I'm not having porridge and the same 2 shakes 4 times a day!