Should I weigh tonight - and a small <yay me> post

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by LizS, 20 June 2009 Social URL.

  1. LizS

    LizS Shut up Ethel

    I don't weigh on my scales at home - so not such a bonkers question. I have to pop in to see my CDC later on and I'm wondering if I can ask to pop on her scales to see how I'm doing. It is day 6 and I don't weigh in until Tuesday night - bit of a diary clash - so I won't actually get a week one WI until I've done almost nine days.

    Weigh tonight eg at day 6 and run risk of being disappointed with my loss, or wait till day 9 and not have (potential) encouragement of seeing how well I have done so far? (I'll weigh on day 9, as well, obv)

    What would you do?

    Yay me - I went to some friends last night and the other three had vodka, peanuts, onion rings, pizza and cheesecake. I had a chocolate shake and a LOT of water/mint tea. it was VERY hard. But I did it! Yay! Peanuts were the hardest thing to resist - could take or leave the pizza and cheesecake, but the peanuts winked at me all night.
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  3. Lisa Claire

    Lisa Claire Full Member

    Very well done for resisting all those temptations last night, thats an achievement in itself. I went to see my CDC for the first time today and as with you I have to wait until Tuesday 30th to get weighed again (thats 10 days), i'm going to try and resist the scales at home, would like a really nice suprise.
  4. eyeontheprize

    eyeontheprize can see the end in sight!

    If I were you I would try to resist the scales until Tuesday. It will be such a good surprise. Well done on resisting the nuts, they are a special weakness of mine! Go liz!
  5. Purplepixie

    Purplepixie Full Member

    I would also resist. My next WI isn't until 18th July :eek::eek::eek: holiday and diary clashes and I will be trying to avoid scales so after 4 weeks I know how I have done.

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