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Should I . . . ?

G: 10st0lb
Ok I have been very naughty all week. In fact having tea and a cookie as we speak. Weigh in is tomorrow night and I am ashamed of myself, but understand completely why I am sitting here like this at the minute. Question is though, should I go and face the music tomorrow night, accept the gain and move on or should I not go and simply start fresh tomorrow go back the following Monday and not register a gain?

What do you's think?
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Definately go and face the music. Then that puts a line under the week. If you don't go you may find you have put more on. I know from experience.

Irene x
I would definatly go - that way if for some reason you have a gain next week, it could be as little as 1/2lb or something daft - you will not know where it came from with not knowing how you have done this week, IYSWIM?!?!?

AND - tomorrow might not even be as bad as you think!!


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Others in the group may give you the motivation you need to keep you on track this week. We only get 6 sessions off in the year so don't waste one of them just because you have gained. Gaining weight is part of life and for us losing weight is part of our lives too. It is not the b all and end all


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I would advise you to go along and bite the bullet - it might not be as bad as you think so best to face up to it and then get the weight off the next week :D once its written down, its official - if you dont go, you will never know how well you have been the next week!



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G: 10st0lb
Face the music, remember, we all got the way we are/were by not facing the music. It won't be as bad as you think but if you don't go you won't know & it is easy to slip back into bad habits. I don't particularly want to go tonight either because I have not had the best weekend ever but go I shall.....


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should I not go and simply start fresh tomorrow go back the following Monday and not register a gain?
Be honest with yourself - that isn't going to happen. You've had a bad week and even while you were talking about weigh-in you're eating high syn foods!

You have two choices!

First, you can go to weigh-in, possibly have the momentary embarrassment of a small gain, get the support of your consultant and group to push through it, and come away all motivated for the coming week.

Or you can not go to class - okay you'll not have to know for sure if you've gained, but you'll likely carry on making bad choices. One day will lead to another and then you'll be missing a second weigh-in with a promise to be good next week, and as we know next week never comes. Before you know it you'll be completely off plan and not going to group any more.

So go to class - the only thing worse than a small gain is the small gain plus all the rest of the weight you put on when you fall off the wagon.
G: 10st0lb
Thank you all for your kind words of wisdom, and you are all completely right. My head is just not in the right frame at the moment and going to class tonight will go along way to fixing that. So what if I gain, I know why I have gained, I have ate what I wanted all week so I simply need to face the music.

Will let you all know how I get on :)


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I also had a bad weekend, but am going to WI. Need that to kick me back into gear for the rest of the week.
Good luck for getting back into gear from today!


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must be the time for bad weeks I have had two and if i dont' go to class tonight I know I won't go back so I am going with head hung low!! adn hopefully to get motivated back to doing what is right!1
S: 11st10lb
definatly go to the class. no-one should be negative about it and im sure there will be people who want to help and offer you tips. have you done a food diary this might help. If you have put on then this may give you the motivation to do the plan next week :) good luck
Good luck :)


Wishing and hoping!
I would go to the group as it will be definate end for the week and fresh start. Also if you have gained in may give you motivation to get back on track and with the extra support you can not go wrong :)


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I would always def go cause if I miss one week to hide from a gain, chances are I would never go back! Anyway it shouldn't be a question of 'facing the music', you should be offered support and ideas by both the C and your fellow members. We have all been there!


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I'd go if I were you.
I have in the past times with SW not gone on a bad week thinking I could draw the line and be good the next week, and then it was another week, and another and I gave up!
Please go. It's worth it!
G: 10st0lb
I went and I dunno how, but I've managed to escape with just a half pound gain :)

But the line is drawn and I will have myself totally back on track from tomorrow on :)

Thank you everyone for your support :)

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