Should I?


Yo-yo dieter here for the gazillionth time
Only a little bit to go now on my diet and am celebrating the last day at work here to go onto my first 'proper' job next week. I have waited AGES for my enhanced CRB form to come through and I'm excited yet v nervous about new job. As is tradition, I brought in a carrot and orange cake and some home made chocolate muffins for everyone at work and have plonked them down opposite me. The muffins smell sooooo good (and taste good apparantly). I have been wrestling with my conscious over these cakes since driving to work this morning and it looks like I'm going to have some to take back home anyway. I am on 790 and lost 4lbs last week but had really slow losses the 3 weeks before. Only had a tiny bit of chicken last night as the rest hadn't defrosted (more of an AAM meal really) though so didn't really have much yesterday. I did treat myself to a steak on Sunday already but only had veg with it, although am also planning to ignore all the rules of the diet when I see my friends next weekend for an evening out. I am still in ketosis and haven't knocked myself out since the start of the diet. Also TOTM which is the most chocolately time (does anyone else get this??) but I feel I 'deserve' a treat for the new job (and for blo*dy cooking the stupid muffins!!).

So the million dollar question - should I have a muffin or not?? Half a muffin? 2 muffins and a slice of carrot cake?? I'm torn.
Hi Jubbly

Don't know if this is good advice or not but I think at your stage if you want a piece of cake or a muffin you should have one and enjoy it! Then get someone with a family at work to take the leftovers home for their family to enjoy. Having one helping to celebrate with your friends to me would be a sensible food decision and that's what we are meant to be learning during this stage in the weightloss.

Something switched in me yesterday that is making me determined to move on and forward and get to the end of this diet and looking forward now to the sensible and healthy eating necessary at the end of it. I think the longer we delay and stick to the more restrictive plans the harder it is for our bodies and more likely we are to feel we are failing (cheating).

It is actually quite normal and sensible to have one cake to celebrate. Personally if you'll enjoy it I say "Go for it!"

Dizzy x
Hope I'm not too late Jubbly ...NO!!!! :mad:

You've done so well - and only 11lb's to go til your target .. one muffin leads to another .. and before you know it you'll be standing on the scales having put weight on.

So my advice is: NO!! and think how great you'll feel when you lose weight next time on the scales!! and how much better you'll feel when you see your friends - slimmer! :)
Right, I am still dithering here and can still smell them but have had my shake for lunch to bide me more time to make a decision. Don't want one so much now and feel a bit chocolated out (shake was choc-mint as usual) but still flirting with the idea of half a muffin for this afternoon when I get bored. Not doing anything today at work as can't get sacked surely on last day!! So far 2 of you say yes, 1 says no.
no no no....the evvvvil chatter box is telling you are fine now and you should really eat lots of carbs!!! in 790 you are still in the lovely you remember the first few days? is a muffin (which you can have another day...) worth going through the hunger and mind games again with yourself??! 11lbs to go....could be a few ounces down today....if you eat that isn't going to be a few ounces down...and then the munchies will try to get you!!!


I still think that you should if you will enjoy it. If you will feel rubbish after and regret it then don't. But I definitely think that if you eat one cake and enjoy it. You will also feel a sense of achievement that you stuck at one. You shouldn't be in ketosis anyway at your bmi you don't need the comfort blanket anymore you are strong enough to move on. I have changed the focus of my goal to being confident and enjoying healthy eating and eating in moderation. I'm actually really excited about the prospect. My goal weight isn't so important now. It's a figure plucked from the air anyway. I'm thinking when I get to the stage of healthy eating no plan if I still have extra to lose it will go and that my body will find it's ideal weight.

If you don't want to give up cake forever, you need to learn how to eat and enjoy one piece. If you feel ready to do that today. Then again I say "GO FOR IT!"

Dizzy x

ps Promise not being competitive and trying to sabotage!! LOL
really what everyone is trying to say is that it's really up to you just take everything into consideration and if you feel it's the right thing to do...then fine, but the elusive last stone is the hardest and only gets harder with any blip you have.

Speaking from experience here...darn last stone.

If it was me, I'd say no because my goal is important to me, even if it is a number plucked from the it's about my own personal battle and my own pride....I have to keep the chatterbox in check otherwise it'll get strong and I'll become weak and munch loads of stuff without arguement and never get to the goal I set myself! Failure is not an option.
I say stick it in the freezer when you get home. If you still feel then that you really want it then cut a very tiny slice off before you freeze it and savour that.
Hi Jubbly

If you haven't already had the cake. I like to say don't have any now. All your colleagues will have had theres by now and so it won't be a celebration of your time there. It will be more a case of eating up the leftovers. Stick to the plan to the end except for special circumstances where you should make sensible decisions to deviate. I think it's important to learn to make these decisions rather than just let them happen. You did that today already.

Hope the new job goes smoothly when do you start?

Dizzy x
Still haven't had any but did email a friend and said if I had half a muffin would he eat the other half so I'm that one step closer!! There's some left but I am going to take the few muffins home for Graham and give the carrot cake away.

Hi Dizzy - job starts Monday after security training on Thursday morning. Extremely nervous and starting to doubt my ability to cope with hundreds of raging hormonal teenage boys with criminal records!! Also won't be checking into the forum very often from then as won't be on internet all day anymore
Hi Jubbly

Glad you updated!

You'll be fine with the job once you get started. It's what you have been working towards for years. I can appreciated you would be nervous. Hope you can enjoy your few days off the rest of the week.

Speak to you soon

Dizzy x
I think you should imagine us all patting you on the back for not eating the muffin and on your way home if you have time pop in somewhere like Boots and buy yourself a new nail varnish or body spray or something.....

Good luck with your new job - I'm sure it's a very exciting and nerve racking time but something to look forward to.
Question is - did you eat the muffin...??????
Hi Mrs Roch

I ignored you all anyway and ate half of it (gave other half to friend at work) plus a mouthful of the carrot and orange cake. The chocolate made me feel sick but the cake was GORGEOUS. At WI last night had lost just 1lb. Treated myself as suggested (even though I had the cake as well!!!) and spent a silly amount on new size 12 clothes yesterday in places like Oasis and Topshop but still felt super-fat in Republic.

I did it because I checked my BMI and it is either mid 22s or high 21s. I'm not sure my CDC's scales are right as I'm sure I'm not that thin!! She wants me to stay on 790 this week although I want to go onto 1000 :( Even though I ate it, I felt good for stopping where I did and have not touched any of the leftovers I bought home for Graham. But I'm going to be an angel this week!!
You still lost which is fantastic....:)

What a lovely thought and feeling coming home and hanging up a load of new clothes..:D