* Judy Mazel, diet counselor and avid dieter herself, publishes "the Beverly Hills Diet," high in fruit. She claims that no weight will be gained if the foods are properly digested with abundant quantities of pineapple, mango, and papayas, consumed on a rotating schedule.
* The Cambridge Diet is introduced by Jack Feather and endorsed by a doctor at Cambridge University, which prescribes a very-low-calorie liquid-protein drink. Thirty people die before the drinks are banned
Well it's from the archives - looks like it was originally printed back in 1983. Also the UK Cambridge is different to the US one - they have pasta and all sorts. So, no, I don't think people need to start worrying.
I checked out those 6 heart attacks when I started the diet and it was proven they had NOTHING to do with Cambridge or the VLCD lifestyle.

If you have any concerns then call the Cambridge medical team.

I'm no scientist so this is just my opinion I'm about to express ...
I'm taking this article with a pinch of salt. If Cambridge UK was in financial dire straits then I doubt they would be introducing new flavours ... remember this article is American and it may well be that they have stiffer competition from other VLCDs AND weight loss surgery which is ever on the increase in the USA ... the fattest nation on Earth.

As for health concerns - again, I prefer to weigh this against the greater health concerns that were staring me right in the face before I began CD. Media expressions such as 'potential links' are simply scare-mongering IMHO. Why not wait until there is something more concrete to report before throwing a hand grenade in amongst people who are already vulnerable? That's the media for you though!

Only the other day, there was a newspaper article about how climate change has resulted in a rise in the temperature of the English channel ... the article went on to say that 'potentially' it was now warm enough for Great White sharks to roam around preying on unwary swimmers. Shock horror!! It then went on to say it was 'highly unlikely' however. :rolleyes:

I'm quite happy to carry on CD-ing with confidence! :)

Debbie x
From memory way back then it was a different diet and they used an inferior protein from pigs.

Our diet uses skimmed milk as its protein base.

In the 80's there was a lot of scaremongering which hopefully now shouldn't happen.

This diet has had all safety checks performed by the COMA committee and meets all safety requirements.

In February of this year CD was voted the top uk diet over many diets that get mentioned on the forums in a programme presented by Lorraine Kelly.

There was a very senior reputable nutritionist/dietitian/obsesity expert on the programme and he said the best results were achieved by CD as the loss was nearly all fat and the meals were balanced nutrition containing all daily requirements.

If CD were not safe with the strict regulations that are in force governing this type of diet, we would not be allowed to sell it.

CD Counsellor
Indeed Linda!

It was at the time of the pig protein but was still proven regardless of that that it still wasn't the diet and were heart defects in the people.

I'll see if I can find the report later ron.

Sorry Mike I meant to say that. There have never been any deaths associated with CD.

The CD in America is a completely seperate company for ours.

CD Counsellor
I know I'm on LL but as CD make my packs I have a vested interest.

I was very careful to research thoroughly before taking up mu GP's suggestion of doing this VLCD.

I wanted to find an excuse NOT to put myself through what I thought would be hell (ok so I was wrong on that front!) so I trawled the internet all day everyday for 5 days as documented on the first entry in my blog.

Needless to say, I didn't find anything to persuade me not to go ahead with a VLCD despite hoping that I would :rolleyes:
There is absolutely nothing wrong with the Cambridge Diet used under the guidelines of trained counsellors.

And I cannot believe that there could be anything wrong with the state of Cambridge UKs finances, if my business is anything to go by.

Ignore the American thing. It's not relevent to us over here. Completely different set up.

Also ignore anything from the 80s, the diet has changed a lot since then, it conforms to just about everything it could conform to.

This diet saves lives, it doesn't take them.
No that finance thing is the American company and is dated 1983!!!
It has been well documented that a VLCD can produce large and rapid weight loss. A number of studies using appropriate levels of high biologic value protein, vitamin and mineral supplementation, and careful monitoring have shown that the VLCD can be safe. Careful monitoring by a physician experienced in such programs and by a registered dietitian is essential. The maintenance of weight loss must be of key importance throughout the program, necessitating the skills of a multidisciplinary team with medical, nutritional, and behavioral training. It must be recognized that the VLCD is only one part of a total weight management program. The complete program is needed for long-term success. Insurance reimbursement for the services of all members of the health care team, including dietitians, facilitates and supports the multidisciplinary team approach. Potential candidates for this program and health professionals must realize that VLCDs are not for everyone and can be harmful for persons who do not meet the following selection criteria: (a) at least 30% overweight, with a minimum body mass index of 32. (b) free from contraindicated medical conditions: pregnancy or lactation, active cancer, hepatic disease, renal failure, active cardiac dysfunction, or severe psychological disturbances. (c) committed to establishing new eating and life-style behaviors that will assist the maintenance of weight loss. (d) committed to taking the time to complete both the treatment and the maintenance components of a program. Dieters must receive careful medical and nutritional monitoring throughout the program and should continue with nutrition, exercise, and behavioral counseling after cessation of the VLCD until sound eating and life-style habits can be established. The length of time an individual is on the VLCD must be carefully monitored and the VLCD discontinued immediately if medical tests and/or weight loss indicate increased health risks to the client. Finally, potential clients must be adequately warned that there are limitations and risks involved with the VLCD. A VLCD is no magic cure. It requires considerable effort and commitment on the part of both practitioners and participants to ensure the program's success.
Dr. Alan Howard is the founder of Lipotrim, Lighter Life and the Cambridge Diet.

These diets have been passed by the EU and are now being put forward as a safer alternative and perhaps the only one available to the majority of obese people.

A lot of the data you are referring to is over twenty years old and does not concern LT/LL/CD

At the time of development in the 70's and early 80's, they were hundred of companies selling vlcd's , the Cambridge Diet company in America has nothing to do with Dr. Alan Howard.

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