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shrinking Annies weight loss diary

Right I have decided to start a diary - mind you I am useless at these things but I will try - the main thing is I am going to be honest no matter how bad so if I am not losing weight I can look back and see why - well that is a very negative thought - my diaries will in fact be like an angel's because I am going to be so good!!
I have no excuse not to fill it in because I am off on maternity leave and Im sure I have more time than most:)
(not filling in yesterday's as it includes 4 pints of beer - well I rarely get out nowadays so I had to indulge - but today is a new day anyway!)
Right I am on day three of core this week and I have 3.5 weekly points left so I have to be really good over the weekend.

I will get some activity points today to use in case I get stuck.

Breakfast: Shredded wheat x2 with soya milk
snack: apple
Lunch: special K and skimmed milk and a yoghurt, and a special K bar (1.5)
Dinner - (out) - I will behave:p
2 points left till Tuesday
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ok I did say I was useless but starting afresh now


Breakfast - special K and skimmed milk
Lunch: Crispbread x 6, low fat cottage cheese, tomatoes, WW yoghurt.
Snack - banana and 4 hazlenuts (0.5)
Dinner - lemon sole and salad

edit : had 3 squares of G&B Dark chocolate - (1.5)
Exercise - none
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Wed - 02nd July
This does seem to be getting easier - I dont feel hungry during the day and I think the best thing about it is only snacking on fruit!

Breakfast - Special K and skimmed milk
Lunch - chicken salad (I am meeting friends for lunch so will have to be strong here - they always have dessert) caeser dressing (1)
Dinner - homemade vegetable soup, cracker bread and very light phillie
snack - apple and banana
fairy cake(2) and 1/2 sandwich(0.5)

Exercise - cross trainer for 30 minutes
Walk 30 mins

Good day overall - ate a little I didnt plan but only a little and have the points to use as I did extra exercise so pleased overall:)
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Thur 03rd July
Right day three here we go!

Brekfast: Special K & soy milk
Snack: Banana and coffee (better than any biscuit)
Lunch (out):salad of some sort (ended up staying in had crisp bread, cottage cheese and tomatoes and a ww yogurt )
Dinner: Chicken and roasted veg and new potatoes
Snack: apple

Also had 2 squares of G&B dark chocolate(1) and a small glass of wine (2)
Ex: Cross trainer 30 mins - done :)
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Sounds good to me, very balanced.
Day 4 - July 4th

Plan -(will edit later with actual)
Breakfast : special K and soya milk
Lunch : salad with turkey and small brown roll 1/2 only - (1) 3 x small kit kat - (7.5):(
Dinner - (out) Indian 1/4 naan -(2) 1/2 chapati - (2) sauce -(2) 3 coors light - (6)
snack - apple and banana and ww yogurt

Ex: Cross trainer 30 mins -done +30 min walk + 2 x one hour walks - honestly!!:p

I didnt meant to walk so much - after doing 30 mins on my C/T in the morning and walking long way to the shop (30 mins) I met my aunt for lunch - we went for a walk - ended up being a full hour.
Then I went out for dinner but hadnt booked so ended up walking to a different restaurant and back again - another hour -
Weekly points remaining - 4
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Day 5 (saturday)

I feel yesterday was a bit of a disaster - so going to be really good today

Breakfast: special K and soya milk
Lunch: Crispbread and low fat phillie and tomato and a chickpea burger
Dinner: ? dont know yet - probably fish and veg - monkfish and potato - sauce (2)

Coors light 2 - (4)

Ex - Gym - did 50 mins cardio

Not a bad day all in all
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Day 6

Breakfast : Oatiflakes & soya milk
Lunch: Sausage sandwich (2.5)
Dinner: home made seafood chowder (1)
served on top of new potatoes

Pub : 2 glasses of wine/beer

Exercise - walk 60 mins
Day 7 (Monday)
Breakfast - Oatiflakes
L:unch - Oatiflakes
Dinner - homemade chowder and 1 potato

Well today is very light because I am not going to even tell you what I ate after the pub last night:cry::cry:

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